The Biggest Loser

Starting Wednesday, January 13th!

It's time again to start the Biggest Loser Challenge! Last year we had great participation and lost a total of 135.6 pounds!

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The Rules!

The contest will start Wednesday, January 13th, run for 10 weeks, and end March 23rd. This will allow for winners to be announced the day before we get out for Spring Break.

There are a few changes this year...

1- The cost is $10 per person. It is due the first weigh in- January 13th.

2- Weight loss winners will be determined by percentage lost and not by pounds.

3- You will need to weigh in weekly- on Wednesdays.

4- This year there will be a first and second place winner. You will be notified of the amount of the prizes when everyone has registered.

5- As always, weights are strictly confidential.

I need your help!

If you are affiliated with any product, such as Shakeology, Avocare, It Works, etc, please let me know. I will not be promoting or recommending any specific product, but would like to highlight what you do and offer participants a resource in a future Biggest Loser newsletter.

Get ready for your weigh in...

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Please email me if you are interested or have any questions. Hope to see you Wednesday!