Why we should read

What is the issue?

The issue is that kids usually spend more time on their phones than read and that's a problem because they are starting to not be as intelligent and are often antisocial. Reading can also be fun to do and if they need to get their anger or sadness to go away, they could read a good book. They might also like certain kinds of books compared to other people and that's fine as long as they do read. Also if they are online they could be exposed to cyber-bullying and if they read, they can avoid that.

Who does the issue affect and why?

The issue usually affects teenagers in Middle School and High School but kids at younger ages are starting to have cellphones before some of the older ones. This probably occurs because now kids are starting to get what they want without having to work for it. And that's from their parents just getting them anything they want and that is usually because younger kids see older kids with phones and say they want one too.

Why should there be a memorial for this injustice/issue?

There should be a memorial for this because then the kids who are only on electronics all the time would get to see how much better it would be if they read something. They would see how many problems would be solved if would read and besides that they don't really need to check their social network thing. It's not like they are going to die if they don't see what their friends are doing. I mean they really don't need to do that all the time and reading has so many positive effects. Some of the positive effects are stress reduction, knowledge, expands vocabulary, improved memory, and entertainment.

Where would this memorial be placed, and why the location?

I would have this memorial placed next to or close by the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. because then the people walking by would see how you need to read.They would see that reading is beneficial and see that reading is a good thing to do instead of being on their phones like most people are. It would also be a good place because this library is pretty large and Washington D.C. is where most decisions are made and it is pretty famous.

What is the hope and/or GOAL for this memorial?

My goal for the memorial is to get people to read more but mostly kids. I hope that when or if they see it they will want to read and get off of their phones unless they are reading on it. I also hope that when they get off the phones then they read or do something active or something.