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Bonsai Tree packages

Every week at our shop we have many different packages to get our most popular and attractive looking trees. The package also comes with tools that you need to get started or to expand your collection. Some packages are premade with supplies that we think are best for beginners and each skill set. Other packeages are costum and you can pick and choose from a variety for your package. Packages are the most cost effective products for you.

We have every type of tree

Our store carries every kind of bonsai tree alive. Our best seller is the cherry blossom which is very colorful and smells very good. for beginners we reccomend the basic Chinese Juniper. Our trees come in a variety of ages. You can buy bonsai seeds, or a one, six, or twelve year old tree.

Scented soil

It just came out and we are the first to have it. This soil comes in many different scents. It is mainly for our bonsai trees, but can be used for a wide range of other plants. This soil does not only smell it is a very reliable and long lasting. It always is very moist, so you will water water less and your plant will be healthy and happy like it should.

Creative pots

Every tree needs somewhere to grow and live. Here at Buddha Bonsai we have pots for all ages and sizes. Whether you want something modern or ancient looking the the bonsai we got it! Our latest edition is the speaker pot that has its own speaker in to it so you and your plant can jam out together. If your feeling artsy we have a pot for that too, you can design your own off our site or get a plain one and put whatever you feel like on it.
We are from down town Pittsburg and we have what you need. Our business is small but it is growing very fast. Come down and be apart of the Bonsai nation