SOAR Saturday Recap!

Sharing the great ideas we shared this weekend!

SOAR Saturday was this past weekend!!! And it was GOOD!

How many of your attended a SOAR Saturday training in your area? I am hoping lots and lots of you! It was motivating, informative, and nothing is better than collaboration with fellow designers! Our Yucaipa meeting was FIVE HOURS and we actually ran out of time! Rich content and lots of Q&A with so much excitement and support for each other's businesses!

We had some clarifications and visuals on a few aspects and I wanted to share these with you! And some of the other goodies we discussed at our meeting!

CREATIVE Jewelry Bar Ideas!

Sometimes getting a little creative when offering jewelry bars hooks the hostess into booking! Who doesn't want a fun, themed par-tay with their friends and family!?!?!

  • Cupid Shuffle (cater this is any holiday, season, or month!)
  • Online mystery hostess
  • Breast cancer awareness (bring your most recent mammogram for a free charm or small discount)
  • Brunch
  • Tea Party
  • Bridal Shower themed JB (maybe not set up at the actual shower)
  • BBQ
  • Birthday Month JBs -- spoil the birthday month guests
  • Bunco/bingo
  • Margarita Madness/Taco Tuesdays
  • Super Bowl (Next year?!)
  • New places/New faces
  • Spring baseball training theme
  • Rebook your current hostess for the next season!

And there are SO MANY more creative ideas! Submit yours and we will add them to the list! Sharing is caring! ;)

Who wants Storybuilder? I do! I do!

The requirements of Storybuilder are: $250pv/month.

The perks: 30-50% commission rate (10% up from the new company base rate of 20-40%), the NEW Hostess Exclusive discounted to $25, AND if you opt into the website bundle and achieve storybuilder you earn lead sales AND the bonus pool money!

Owlchiever?!? YES PLEASE!!!

This is the year of Owlchievers and Team Leaders!! Make your goal to achieve Owlchiever each month and you will NOT be disappointed!

Owlchiever requirements: 5 points or more each month.

How do you achieve 5 points?

  • $500pv - 1 point
  • New qualified designer on your front line - 2 points
  • Team Leader promotion for yourself OR someone on your front line - 3 points

NEW DESIGNERS: these points are doubled during your first 3 calendar months! (YAY!)

Perks: 8-12 months of consistency: the Origami Owl 2017 cruise!!!! (I want so many of you to join me on this amazing 8day/7night cruise to the Caribbean!!)

Monthly incentives!! This month is a $200 value look of the NEW SPRING Collection!

What happens if I do NOT get $250pv or more this month?

If you do not achieve $250pv this month, you will start March 1st at our new base rate commission 20-40%. (Once you earn Storybuilder or more, you will gain 10% more commission).

But do not FEAR, this doesn't make you inactive! What does make you inactive? 3 consecutive months without $99 or more.

For example:

Feb: $97pv

March: $0pv

April: $55pv

(None of these are $99pv or more)


May 1st INACTIVE status.

What does this mean? 15% commission and you have one full calendar year to achieve $99 or more in one given month in order to remain a designer! ONE FULL YEAR! And once your have $99pv or more in a given month, you become active again and increase your commission back to 20-40%! YAY!!!

During inactive status you lose your team (if you have one) and you may not sponsor new designers! (New designers NEED mentors that are actively working their business and MODELING income-producing activities!)

If you have questions in regard to this info, please contact your mentor or myself or tune into one of my LIVE Periscope videos so you can ask questions LIVE!

Spring Launch 2016!

Saturday, March 5th, 10am-1pm

29375 Rancho California Road

Temecula, CA

All the info is in the public Facebook event. Click on this link for all the info!

We can seat 120 people!! Yay!!!