Jane Kemp

job description

Chiropractors work to diagnose, treat and prevent discomfort within the musculoskeletal system. They relieve pain in the spine, joints, neck, etc by manipulating the body and avoid using surgery or medicine.
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certifications necessary to practice

  1. chiropractic college
  2. take/pass board exams
  3. apply for a license (criminal background check, exam on practice limitations)
  4. must continue education units each year

daily activities

  • taking notes/looking at previous medical history (previous injuries, surgery, lifestyle)
  • physical examinations
  • taking/looking at x-rays
  • performing adjustments of extremities, or massages
  • communicate with other healthcare professionals
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education requirements

4 years of professional study (at least 2 years of basic sciences, 2 years of clinical sciences)

4 year undergrad

1 year of internship at a college clinic

pay scale

average: $137,351

beginning - potential: $116,716 - $189,353

skills necessary

  • interest in science (biology)
  • communication and listening skills
  • problem solving skills
  • physical coordination and manual skills
  • business skills

practice settings

private practices, hospitals, HMO'S (health maintenance org.), chiropractic colleges.

job outlook

17% (average for most jobs is 7%)
Chiropractic Spinal and Neck Adjustment on a Chiropractor (Female Doctor, Male Patient)