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November 6, 2015

Dear Banks Trail Family,

Well, it is hard to believe that we have completed our first nine weeks of the school year. I am glad to let you know that we are fully immersed in teaching and learning at The Trail. Teachers and students have been working on many new projects and initiatives; clubs and activities are underway, and our Fall athletic season has come to an end.

One of the hardest time for 6th graders and 6th grade parents is when the first report card comes home. You have probably figured out that during the beginning of sixth grade many new experiences happen for your child. They are learning how to use lockers, change classes, keeping up with books and notes from six different subjects, making new friends, starting to go through puberty and oh yeah, thinking a little about learning in school. Needless to say, a vast majority of students see grades slip during the first and second nine weeks of sixth grade. Don’t worry, students who have always been good students will bounce back, they just need to learn to manage their time.

Have you ever said to your child, “That is a great grade, you are so smart?” This seems like such high praise for our children when they do something well, but did you know that this simple well intended phrase can actually have negative effects? A phrase like this actually is telling your child that as their parent you value the grade they received on an assignment instead of the effort/work they put in to completing the assignment. Next time your child does something awesome, try a phrase like ”I am proud of that grade, you must have worked really hard to earn it.” Now you are praising their effort and your child will realize the effort is what is important, not the grade.

The last two weeks of October produced two amazing events at BTMS. The Student Council put together one of the most amazing Spirit Weeks I have ever been a part of at a middle school. One of the Spirit Week events was our first pep rally. I can tell you I have never been to a pep rally that had the excitement and school spirit that was demonstrated by our students. They are AWESOME! The following week our amazing PTO and Athletic Booster Clubs put together the Eat and Run at the Trail event. This also was a time that Timberwolf pride was on full display. Thank you to everyone who helped us put on a free spaghetti dinner, silent auction, and of course the 5k run on Saturday. I love seeing the smiling faces of the students, parents, and teachers at events like this one.

Several people have stopped me and thanked me for the amazing stuff that is happening at BTMS. In all honesty, this praise should be directed towards our teachers. Teachers thrive on positive praise and comments. Please take a moment to send a positive note to one of your children’s teachers and let them know that you are seeing the educational and emotional growth in your child, and you know that it doesn’t just magically happen. Our teachers are dedicated to making sure your child learns in a safe, productive environment. Our administrative team has been doing several walkthroughs and observations, and when we meet to discuss our walkthroughs, we are seeing some great lessons and children engaged in learning. Thank you, teachers, for making Banks Trail such an exceptional place to learn!

Do the Right Thing

Timberewolf Student Demonstrates Hard Work and Integrity

On Thursday night, BTMS student Janice B., received the grand prize for the first quarter Do The Right Thing program. Janice was nominated by Ms. Poeppelman and was one of 24 nominations that the program received. Nine other students from around the school district were recognized for doing the right thing.

Ms. Poeppelman nominated Janice because of her commitment in helping start Tomorrow is a New Day, a non profit organization dedicating to helping teens in our community. Janice with the help of her family started this organization after her friend passed away this summer.

As the grand prize recipient, Janice received over $800 worth of gifts from local businesses in Fort Mill.

We are proud of Janice and the work she does everyday not only at BTMS but in our community.
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November Terrific Timberwolves and Leaders of the Pack

Our November Terrific Timberwolves and Leaders of the Pack continue to make us proud at BTMS. They have worked hard, had fun, and demonstrated integrity. It is awesome when we have students who want to help make Banks Trail the best in the world.

For the month of November we would like to congratulate the following Leaders of the Pack:

  • Lewis M.

  • Kat L.

  • Logan F.

  • Jamie P.

  • Audreanna M.

  • Gracie B.

  • Kylie W.

  • Myliyah E.

The November Terrific Timberwolves Students of the Month are:

6th Grade - Shane L.

7th Grade - Jai P.

8th Grade - Kayla R.

Related Arts - Zachary A.

Again congratulations for Working Hard, Having Fun, and Demonstrating Integrity as we continue our Tradition of Excellence!

November Terrific Timberwolves

Counselors' Corner

Emotions in the Middle

Moody, private, self-conscious... if this sounds like your middle schooler, you are not alone. At this age, their body and emotions are changing rapidly. Here are ways to help them cope.

Managing moods. Physical growth and worries about friends, sports, and schoolwork can cause moodiness. Let your child know you are available to talk. A quiet statement, such as "I remember what it feels like not to be asked to join a team," can invite them to open up about what's bothering them.

Finding privacy. It's natural for your middle schooler to want some time to themselves. They might close their bedroom door to walk outside to take a phone call, for example. Show them that you respect their growing need for privacy by giving them space.

Fitting in. Many middle graders feel self-conscious. Being part of a group of people who share their interest can help them focus on their strengths and feel more confident. Encourage them to participate in at least one activity either at school or in the community.

Eat and Run at the Trail - A Huge Success

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Eat and Run at the Trail was a HUGE success!!

We won’t have final numbers until all expenses are paid and all auction items are paid for. However, we can tell you that we’ll be very close to our fundraising goal of $20,000 to be split 50/50 between the PTO and the Athletic Booster Club, and we had lots of FUN both Friday night at Saturday morning! Even though we didn’t reach 300 registered runners, Mr. Pratt was a good sport and ran the race in a tu-tu! As announced at the race, the 6th grade won the grade-level contest. Congratulations, 6th-graders! Information about your prize will be coming soon. On behalf of the PTO and the Athletic Booster Club…THANK YOU for your donations, purchases, and participation, and THANK YOU to all parent and BTMS staff volunteers for making Eat and Run at the Trail happen. Our athletes and our teachers will be thrilled when we are able to meet some of their non-budgeted needs!

5k Results

Here is the link to race results: Eat and Run at the Trail 5k Results We had 118 5k finishers and quite a few 1-mile finishers. BTMS's own Georgia Sullivan was the first place female champion!! Congrats, Georgia! And, Congrats to all of our runners/walkers on a great race! For those of you who registered for the race and didn’t pick up your shirts at race packet pick-up, we have sent home the shirts through homeroom teachers. We do have some shirts in limited sizes left over, so if you want one, let us know!

BoxTops Contest

Thanks to all who sent in BoxTops! We will announce homeroom winners as soon as all the BoxTops get counted…that is a tedious job to do. Please continue to clip BoxTops and keep them in a ziploc bag until time to turn them in for the Spring contest!

Questions?? Email

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November Teacher of the Month

Ms. Dentico

Mrs. Dentico is a 6th grade teacher. She was nominated by one of her fellow teachers who send; Ms. Dentico should be the teacher of the month because of her unwavering devotion to duty – staying late, taking work home, and always going the extra mile. Not only does Mrs. Dentico individualize her teaching for all her students, but she regularly maintains contact with parents and updates fellow teachers with students’ personal needs and academic progress.

Mr. Conway

Mr. Conway is an 8th grade teacher at BTMS. The teacher who nominated him said the following: He always has a smile on his face! Mr. Conway is one of the most patient teachers I know, and I admire his ability to stay calm in all situations. His students can't wait to get to his class as he is able to bring both Science and Social Studies to life! Mr. Conway builds a strong rapport with all his students which is very evident in and out of the classroom. He is a team player and is always willing to help his colleges in any way. The Trail and 8th grade are lucky to have him!

Upcoming Events

11-6 Honors Theater Program 6:30 PM BTMS Cafeteria

11-9 Veterans' Day Assembly 9:00 AM BTMS Gym

Basketball Tryouts November 9th - 11th

7th & 8th Grade girls 3:30-5:00

7th & 8th Grade Boys 5:15-6:45

Cheerleading Tryouts November 9th - 11th

7th & 8th grade 3:30-6:00 in BTMS Cafeteria

11-13 7th Grade Career Fair 9:00 AM BTMS Gym

11-17 START Auditions 3:45 PM Gold Hill Middle School

11-19 Beta Club Induction 6:00 PM BTMS Cafeteria

11-21 Cooking with Kids TBD Charlotte, NC

11-23 Powder Puff Football 5:00 PM BTMS Stadium

11-25 1/2 Day for Students 12:30 PM Dismissal

11-26 & 11-27 Thanksgiving Holiday No School

Timberwolves Work Hard, Have Fun, and Show Integrity!

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