The Turtle and the Shark

by serafina malaesala

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The Turtle and the Shark

lost in time,clouded mysticsicm of ancient times,arises a story of compassion and magic that lingers still in the village of vaitogi.During a time of famine a grandma and a granddaugther were rejected by there families too much of a burden,and so they threw themselves into the ocean to cast there fates upon the whimsy of the life giving sea.Transformed through magic into a Turtle and Shark the grandmother and granddaughter sought out anew home.Long did they travel and many times were they turned away until they arrived on the shores of vaitogi.Defined by high cliffs and a rough coastline,inhospitable shores were inhabited into there human form,were welcomed,fed and offered that they should make this village there new home.Moved by the unexpected generosity the old woman agreed,but she still heard the call of the sea as well.Unable to stay on land,she informed her hosts that she and her granddaughter must return to the sea,but that they make the village waters their permanent.She gave the villagers a song to sing from the rocks and a promise that when they sang the song she and her granddaughter would come.To this day,the people of vaitogi still sang the song and many villagers will tell you that they have personally have seen the turtle and shark.To each of them the legend is as alive today as it has been for time immemorial .


The Turtle and The Shark