Aquamarine is probabley the best girly book I have ever read. It's about 2 girls and 1 mermaid. These 2 girls are best friends they wre hanging out one night at the club pool. They were4 eating gummy worms and accidentaloy droped a gummy worm in the pool they tought it sank so they tryed looking for it. Then all the sudden they saw something in the water. They screamed its a mermaid and ran back home. They had a sleepover that night. They woke up to something that they kne and it was the pool being draned, but luckley the mermaid wasnt in there. She got out with legs . The 2 girls found her she really didnt know how to move her legs.

my favorite part of the book

My favorite part of my favorite book is when the mermaid gets legs and doesn't really no how to use them. She doesn't really know how to work anything. She is very confused. She is very hiper and happy whenthe two girls found her. She needed clothes soone of the girls gave clothes to the girl. They walked to the beach and the mermaid see's a guy she really likes.

why you should read this book

This book is my favorite book. If I like it I bet you would to. It is very intresting and good. It will make you laugh. You will never want to stop reading it. Please read it.