Lewisville ISD Gifted & Talented Services

Elementary G/T Services

Gifted and Talented services at the elementary level are designed to nurture the following capacities.

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Research
  • Leadership
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Personalized Service Plans

A personalized service plan is developed for all identified gifted and talented students in LISD.

The plan includes student goals, both academic and social/emotional, that are monitored throughout the school year.

The specific services each identified gifted and talented student receives may vary depending on placement recommendations and emerging educational, social, and emotional needs.

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Grades K-2

Routine lessons and planned experiences designed to elicit gifted behaviors are led by the campus G/T Facilitator in all K-2 general education classrooms. Data collected from the experiences is used to create a talent pool of students to watch through second grade. Those students showing potential for G/T services are referred for testing.

Students who qualify for G/T services in grades K-2 are clustered with other identified students in general education classrooms.

Teachers of clustered students have advanced training in the needs of gifted students and collaborate with the campus G/T Facilitator to provide enrichment and differentiation.

Identified students also receive intentional weekly pull-out services with the campus G/T Facilitator beginning the second semester of grade 2.

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Grades 3-5

Students who qualify for G/T services in the intermediate grades are clustered in classrooms with other identified students.

Like primary, their teachers have advanced training in the needs of gifted learners.

In addition to classroom enrichment and differentiation, identified students in grades 3-5 receive intentional weekly pull-out services with the campus G/T Facilitator.

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Credit by Accleration

K-8 may test to move ahead one grade level through Credit by Acceleration.

Students must be enrolled in Lewisville ISD to be eligible for assessment.

Credit by Acceleration testing is coordinated by the Counseling Department and is separate from the screening process for G/T services.


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Cluster Teachers

All teachers who serve gifted/talented students have advanced training in the nature and needs of gifted/talented students, identification and assessment of gifted/talented students, and curriculum and instruction for gifted/talented students.

These cluster teachers also receive a minimum of six (6) hours annually of professional development in gifted/talented education that is related to state teacher gifted/talented education standards.

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Campus G/T Faciltators

Campus G/T Facilitators provide differentiation support to cluster teachers in grades K-5.

In grades K-2, facilitators present classroom lessons and conduct planned learning experiences designed to elicit gifted/talented behaviors with all students.

In grades 3-5, facilitators teach specially designed curriculum during a scheduled pull-out time to students who qualify for gifted/talented services.

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LISD Gifted & Talented Services

We strive to identify and engage a diverse population of gifted/talented students, build relationships that support student growth, ignite within students a desire for learning, and provide services and supports to meet students' unique social-emotional and educational needs every day.

Elementary Contact

Koby Stringer, Elementary Gifted & Talented Services Administrator