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Team News April 2016

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you have been enjoying this amazing weather that we have had of late!

I know that I have with all of my crazy traveling for my best friend's wedding!!

Now that Im back home, Im ready to hunker down & get to earning some Dream Rewards!!

Have you heard the news yet?

Thirty-One has launched a program that will PAY YOU gift cards ON TOP of your paycheck!! How cool is that?? We can earn from now until the end of September, and I have no doubt that each of you can achieve at least level 1. That's 1-2 parties per month. We can do that together right? :) Because you know you ALWAYS have me to help you book parties and reach your goals.

I am also SUPER excited for National Conference which is coming up in July!! It is my favorite event of the year, not only because we will receive invaluable training to help our businesses, not only for the free products (and lots of them), but because of the ME time! I never knew until I had a baby, how important it is to spend a little time on myself- so if carving out a little YOU time is needed, consider coming to Conference with us! There is a group of us driving, and youll have a place to stay :) The more the merrier!

All in all, I cant wait to see what you achieve this summer! Whether is a new car, to pay off debt, a trip for your family, going to National Conference, a promotion- I am here to help you succeed! XO Kels

Company News

Do You Hear a lot of "No Thank You's" in Your Business??

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How to Turn more No's in to Yes's

Overcoming objections will be the key element to booking your calendar full this spring!

Sometime's people say "No" not because they dont want to have a party, but because they feel unsure of themselves.

By acknowledging how they feel, and then offering solutions- we can turn a few more of those No's in to Yes's :)

Trust me ladies, you wont seem pushy- just very understanding. How I handle No's was a big game changer in my success too- I cant wait to hear how it helps you.

Soon To be Promotion Alert!!

Consultant Corner

Nicole Buckley

Future Senior Consultant

Joined: Feb 2014

Her Why: To pay for her wedding!!

Fav 31 Product: Medium Utility Tote (its the perfect size!)

Fun Fact: "My dream has to always work at Disney world without getting paid! As long as I have free access to everything else! Lol"

Secret to her Success:

"Success was all to the backwards catalog! After my intro I asked who loves savings and told them to flip to the back page and I explained why it was such a great deal and told them there is NO obligation when you get your kit because it's your business to run how you want! One girl joined to party, the other joined to just get the kit-but she's already having her first party!"

Team Wadecki

Kristen Wadecki & her team is on the verge of promoting to Director!!

Due to all of their hard work, making their dreams come true, earning startswell & free products, and helping out their families- this month they are shooting for DIQ (Director In Qualification).

I know I am so excited for them: Jackie paid for her & her hubby to run the Disney Marathon in Sept, Kristen is paying for her family to go to Disney too, and Meagan is working her business to support her little girl. What is your 31 Why?

Team Stats- April 2016

Top in Sales:

Cherish Sheehan $1652

Amanda Lorochelle $1051

Kristen Wadecki $1010

Nicole Buckley $755

Jaclyn Labonne $726

Top Party Peeps:

Nicole Buckley & Kristen Wadecki- 3 parties!

Jaclyn Labonne & Cherish Sheehan- 2 parties

Xavier Day, Jamie Macek, Margo Haupt, Sam Clark, Latrice Allen, Amanda Larochelle -1 party

$1000+ Party Peeps:

Congrats to Amanda Larochelle!!!!

Top Team Builders:

Kristen Wadecki 2

Nicole Buckley 2

Cherish Sheehan 2

Top Teams:

Team SHEehan $9608

Team Wadecki $2787

The Elite Fleet $783

Who made a sale :)

Xavier Day, Jamie Macek, Margo Haupt, Sam Clark, Nicole Aldrich, Latrice Allen, Kristen Wadecki, Jaclyn Labonne, Amanda Larochelle, Nicole Buckley, Andrea Marshall, Cherish Sheehan, Graci Kriss

Welcome New Team Members!!

Tana Coldiron! CT

Andrea Marshall! CT

Meagan Manfredi! RI

Theresa Conley! RI

Congrats to Startswell Earners!

Amanda Larochelle lvl 1

Jaclyn Labonne lvl 2

Jamie Macek lvl 3

Latrice Allen- lvl 2

Sam Clark- lvl 2

**If you are a new consultant & in the first 4 months of your business- you can earn FREE kits too!

New Consultant Webinars- Every Tuesday! 1pm & 9pm

Tuesday, May 17th, 9pm

Visit and on the left hand side you will see the new consultant webinar!

Whether you are new to the company, or want a refresher- this home office event hosted right from your own home is amazing!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Director Stats

Joined: Oct 2011

Senior Consultant: Sept 2014

Director: May 2014

31 Why: Im a stay at home Mom, and Im working to be Debt Free to afford our dream home!


Parties: 3

Recruits: 0

Team Sales $8289

Downline Sales $16,245

Comment below with what YOU are dreaming of this summer!