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Transportation Careers 2020 - 2021

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Transportation Careers

Careers in Transportation
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Transportation careers for South Central and Southwest MN

  • Transportation & warehousing is the second fasted growing industry in South Central & Southwest MN, adding almost 1,000 jobs in the last decade (2007-2017).

  • Increasing demand for workers & large numbers of openings has driven median wages higher than typically for the region, to $17.72 per hour in 2017.

  • Transportation careers support a wide variety of industries.

Click on the link below to download Transportation infographics.

Transportation Infographics

Demand Occupations in Transportation & Warehousing

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Careers in Transportation Resources

Check out the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence for career information in the transportation industry. State median salary and future outlook is available.

Automotive Technology


Collision & Repair

Diesel, Equipment & Truck

Marine & Powersports

Speciality (Automotive Engineering Technology, Nondestructive Testing, Transportation Management)

Technology Education

Truck Driving

Transportation Programs at South Central College
Minnesota Careers in Automotive Repair & Service (MNCARS) - MNCARS helps students, parents and influencers overcome misperceptions of the industry and attract the qualified employees the industry needs. Along with career information, the MNCARS provides information about the misconceptions in the industry on its myth buster page.
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Women in the Transportation Careers

Jamielynn | Mercedes-Benz Woman Technician
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Job Search Tip

30-Second Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

How would you introduce yourself to someone in 30 to 60 seconds? Imagine you are in elevator and only have 30 to 60 seconds to make an impression, what would you say.

An elevator pitch, also known as an elevator speech, is a brief introduction of who you are and the skills you offer. An elevator pitch is a great way to introduce yourself when networking, job searching, attending career events and introducing yourself in an interview.

Here are some tips from CAREERwise regarding elevator speeches.

An elevator speech is a brief sales pitch to sell your skills and career goals.

An elevator speech/pitch is an easy way to share what you want to learn from someone who is in a position to help you. The key is to be short and to the point. To come up with your elevator pitch, think about:

  • Your core strengths and what you can offer a potential employer
  • What kind of work you enjoy and want
  • What you want to get out of the interaction

Elevator Pitch Example

"Hi. My name is ____________. I'm looking for (a kind of job) in (an industry, field, or location). I really enjoy (something about a past job or experience). I'm good at (a certain job skill)."

It's also helpful to have a brief example you can use to illustrate how you've used your skills with success, found opportunities, or approached problems or difficult situations. After you've given your elevator pitch, you can ask for help or advice:

  • Do you have any advice for me?
  • Do know anything about this company?
  • Do you know anyone who does know about ______________?
  • Can I use your name to contact them?

Finish by thanking them for their time and assistance.

What to Avoid

There is no one correct way to give an elevator pitch, but there are a few things you should avoid:

  • rushing through your elevator pitch
  • rambling on
  • using too many industry jargon or acronyms
  • sounding rehearsed
  • using the same elevator pitch for every situation

Remember to practice your elevator pitch. You can practice your elevator pitch in front of a mirror or with a parent, family member, teacher, counselor, CareerForce staff or friend.

CareerOneStop - basic elevator speech example

Click this button to view CareerOneStop's elevator speech example.

MVAC’s Young Adult Career Development Programs

MVAC’s Young Adult Career Development Programs provide services to individuals in our communities across South Central Minnesota that need assistance to complete an educational program or to secure or hold employment.

How can MVAC'S Young Adult Career Development assist you?

- Paid work experience/internship to learn skills needed to succeed in the current job market

- Career path planning

- Assistance getting enrolled in/completing an educational goal

- Referrals to other area services for them and their family

- Connections to apprenticeships

- College scholarship opportunities

- Possible funding for transportation, educational, or employment needs

Find out more information and eligibility requirements at

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Get Started is a new virtual program offered through MVAC’s Young Adult Career Development Program that focuses on preparing individuals between 14-24 for the world of work. This 4-week long course is completely online and will touch on topics such as: Budgeting, Communication, Health and Wellness, and Community Engagement. Participants may receive up to $200 upon the completion on this course. Must meet eligibility requirements found on Sign up today by calling Alex at 507-345-2428 for more details.

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