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Week Of August 21, 2017


Very Funny! German coastguard viral video commercial

Communication Gone Wrong

Communication is a very dynamic and difficult concept to do well. Why is this? This is because we all have different backgrounds and relationships that can make the same message mean different things to different people. As humans, we are sense makers, and as sense makers we want to understand the world around us. My wish for us as we continunue this year is to increase the volume in our High Quality Communication, and, when needed, follw the Top 20 Principle of "BE Curious"

As we begin a new year, let us be committed to "Being Curious" and asking questions before judgment. Let us assume the best intentions among each other. Let us view each other as humans on the other end of the radio communication.

If you have any questions about CSE, Direction, or Decisions.. please do not hesitate to ask me or the appropriate committee chair or CSE office member... we definitely want to know "What Each Other is Sinking"!

Have a great week!


Weekly Schedule

Monday 8/21

  • Office Open
  • District CI/RtI/SD at RHS

Tuesday 8/22

  • Office Open
  • New Staff Workshop

Wednesday 8/23

  • Office Open
  • New Staff Workshop

Thursday 8/24

  • Office Open
  • New Staff Workshop

Friday 8/25

  • Office Open

Important Upcoming Dates

New Staff Workshops:

  • Aug 22, 23, 24 (Tuesday to Thursday)

  • All New Staff—Tuesday, August 22

  • New Teachers—Wednesday, August 23, and Thursday, August 24

ROCORI Back to School Workshop Week- August 29-31 (Click HERE) for agenda.

CSE OPEN HOUSE - Wednesday, August 30th, 6:00-7:30

Opening Day!- Tuesday September 5th

School News/ Annoucements

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    Congrats, Kudos, and Thank You!

    Thank you to the CSE office staff for the incredible commitment to getting ready for the 2017-2018 School Year!

    Committee Updates:

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    Why do we have Committee Structure at CSE?

    1. To improve decision making process/feedback between staff/administration

    2. To Empower Staff to See the Problem/Own the Problem #TOP20

    3. Amplify All Voices at CSE

    4. Assist in the overall communication and governance at CSE

    RtI (Response to Intervention)

    • District Meeting 8/21/17 at RHS

    CI (Curriculum and Instruction)

    • District Meeting 8/21/17 at RHS
    • Need a New District Rep from Building CI

    SD (Staff Development)

    • District Meeting 8/21/17 at RHS

    SC (Site Council)

    • Need a new Chair!



    Health, Safety, Building Improvement

    • Lounge Updates -Input Committee Wanted

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    Spartan Pride

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    Reach Out to a Fellow CSE Staff Member by email, phone, text, tweet and give a Sincere Note of Gratitude about a time they helped you see a different perspective.
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    Daily 5 Tip of the Week

    By Allison Behne

    August 11, 2017
    Issue #474

    “Try it, you’ll like it!” is a phrase I frequently heard while growing up. My mom was an experienced cook, but I was not an ideal taste tester. While the rest of our family raved about her meals, I picked them apart or asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—not because I didn’t like what was served, but because I was too stubborn to even try it. My reasoning was that I knew what I liked and what worked for me, so what was the point of trying something else?

    When I went to college, my persistent and patient mom told me I was going to have to expand my palate because peanut butter and jelly was not always going to be an option.

    “What will happen when you go home with a friend for the weekend and their family fixes something new?”

    “What about business dinners later in life?”

    “What will you eat when you go to weddings and other social events?”

    “How will you cook for your family when you have children?”

    They were all questions worth considering.

    Slowly I began to try things. Some I didn’t care for, whereas others were a pleasant surprise that I couldn’t believe I had missed out on for years. It was not easy for me to break out of my comfort zone and try new things, but it was necessary and rewarding, and resulted in my adding new items to the limited list of foods I liked.

    When we continue to experience only what is familiar to us, we close the door to endless possibilities. It is easy to do . . . even in the classroom. I found myself frozen in that spot before I started using Daily 5 in my kindergarten class.

    “I’m not sure when I’ll have time to launch Daily 5 because I have a list of first-week activities I like to use every year.”

    “I form my small groups according to reading level, and that seems to work fine.”

    “I understand choice is part of Daily 5, but putting students in groups and rotating them around is more manageable for me.”

    “If what I’m doing is working, why change?”

    Those comfort thoughts were the equivalent of the comfort food of my childhood. So I expanded my teaching palate by opening the door to Daily 5 and I learned that

    taking time to teach learning behaviors for Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 at the beginning of the year made our use of the time that followed more efficient and productive;

    forming groups based on student need instead of level heightened engagement and accelerated student growth; and providing choice of where to sit, what task to complete, what to write about, and what to read was motivating for students and enhanced their comfort, which led to longer stamina.

    Change brought opportunity for new growth. I said no to the status quo and yes to manageable behaviors in the classroom, accelerated student learning, motivated students who were engaged in self-selected, good-fit books, and much more. Not doing Daily 5 or CAFE yet? Let me channel my mom and say, “Try it, you’ll like it.”

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