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May 19, 2023

A Note From Mrs. Looman

  • If you or someone you know has a student that will be attending our preschool next year, please be sure to return the registration paperwork. We need that information in order to create the class schedule. The deadline for the paperwork to be returned is June 1st, but it can be turned in at the front office at anytime.

  • 6th grade families: Please remember to turn your yearbook pages in by Tuesday, May 30th so the yearbooks can be put together.

  • Next week our 5th & 6th graders will be having their Nature's Classroom experience.

  • Come to the SEPAC meet-up! What is SEPAC? MTRSD’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council is a group made up primarily of parents of children with learning challenges and other disabilities, although local allies are welcome at meetings. SEPAC's goal is to support families and students' needs within the public school system and to work with the district to enact change, when needed.

    If your child has a 504 or an IEP, or you are wondering whether they might need one, SEPAC can help you figure out who to talk to, what steps to take, what questions to ask and where to turn next at every step of the process.

    On Saturday, May 20, at 2:00 PM, we will be hanging out on the playground at BSE, with popsicles! Stop by, meet the interim group leaders, ask questions if you have them, and connect with other parents and allies.

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Specialist's Scoop: Kari A. Lyden, M.S., CCC-SLP - Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist

Building Speech & Language Skills at Home

Here are some suggestions for how you can help your child develop their speech and language skills at home:

Speech (Articulation):

➤ Practice your child’s sounds in the car. For example, if they are working on /r/ sound, you can point out the things you see that have /r/ in them and have your child repeat (e.g., red light, traffic, car, restaurant, etc.). You can also see if your child can say a word with their correct target sound five times at a red light before it turns green.

➤ Read a book, comic, magazine, etc. with your child, and point out the words that have their target sound. Have your child repeat those words. If there are pictures, you can use them to have your child practice their sound(s) as well.


➤ Go to the library. If your library has a summer reading program, sign your child up! As they read a book, ask questions like, “Who is the main character?” “Is there a problem that needs to be solved? What do you think [character] will do?” “How do you think it will end?” For younger children, you can read to them, and use the pictures to help them answer questions. They can also label what they see in the pictures.

➤ If your child can write or type, have them keep a journal about what they do this summer. Each week, they can jot down a few notes about what they saw, did, or experienced. If your child is not yet writing, they can draw a picture about something fun they did, and you can write down what they say.

➤ Play board games. This works on attention and maintaining the topic, turn taking, and being a good sport. You can encourage your child’s focus by purposely cheating: see if they catch you, and if they can describe what you did wrong and how you can fix it!

Adapted from: Daymut, Julie A. Maintaining Speech and Language Skills Over Summer Break.

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2023 MCAS testing schedule

This year, all students in grades 3-6 will be taking their ELA MCAS on the same days. The math and science MCAS tests will be administered on different dates. Please see the schedule below to know when your child is being tested. And a reminder that students will not be allowed to wear smartwatches, fitbits, etc while testing.

May 15: Science for 5th grade

May 15: Math for 6th grade

May 16: Science for 5th grade

May 16: Math for 6th grade

May 18: Math for grades 3 & 4

May 19: Math for grades 3 & 4

If your child is absent on a day they are supposed to be testing, they will be tested when they return.

If you have any questions about the testing schedule or about MCAS, please feel free to reach out to me.

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upcoming events

5/22: On campus Nature's Classroom for 5th & 6th grades

5/23: On campus Nature's Classroom for 5th & 6th grades

5/24: 5th & 6th grade to Nature's Classroom

5/25: 3rd grade to Old Sturbridge Village

5/29: No school in observance of Memorial Day

May early release dates:

1:50 dismissals: 5/17, 5/24

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