Grade 2 News

Thursday, October 8

Upcoming Events:

October 14 & 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences (14:00 - 18:00)

October 19-30: Fall break (no school)

October 26 - 30 CCEP Vacation Program

November 2: School resumes

Parent Teacher conferences & Clubs

As our parent - teacher conferences are taking place next week from 14.00 - 18.00 there will be a change to regular after school and clubs.

Please note:

Clubs are cancelled on Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th October

Check out for students on these days will only be at reception.

The Grade 2 CCEP Area for these two days is in Room 2.01 & 2.10

If you would still like to sign up for a parent teacher conference please click on the link below to do so. Please note this link will close on Sunday 11th October at 12.00pm.

Note from Classroom Teachers

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Parent-Teacher conferences! Please wait outside the classroom until the teacher opens the door. We hope to have everyone arrive on time so we can stay on schedule and not keep anyone waiting. Thanks for your support!

Please note, conferences are held in Grade 2 classrooms. The exception is 2a which will be held in Room 2.06.

Unit 1: Role Models

Central Idea: Choices of role models reflect the beliefs and values of individuals and societies

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What determines our beliefs and values
  • How and why role models are chosen
  • Influence of role models on our choices and actions

Tips for home:

As we are getting ready for our summative assessment, which is creating a poster with a famous role model, explaining how they have influenced us and why we chose that person, we ask you to talk to your child about this. Can you think of someone famous who you share similar beliefs and values with? Why do you look up to them?

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered their time to speak as role models!


Language concepts:

· Review writing conventions (full stop, spacing, letter formation, capitalization)

· Review parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives)

Tips for home:

Writing conventions: Encourage students to write sentences with their spelling words or use them in a spoken sentence.

Parts of speech: Look for nouns, verbs or adjectives in their take-home readers or RazKids books.

Spelling Investigations

  • review sounds and blends
  • short and long vowel sounds

Tips for home:

Have your child read a "just right book" from school to you. Check together to make sure it's an appropriate level. Your child should be able to read it independently without stress or frustration, and no more than a few "tricky words" per page. Please speak with your child's teacher if he or she needs help bringing home a just right book!


· Determine, through investigation, the relationship between days and weeks and between months and years.

· Pose and answer questions to demonstrate understanding about class generated data in concrete graphs, pictographs, simple bar graphs, and tally charts (e.g., Which is the least favourite season?)

Number Skills this semester (outside of the unit):

  • Place value to 1,000
  • Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and 100 (forward and backward)
  • Begin to interpret word problems

Tips for home:

As a grade level core foundational understanding, grade 2 students are working on the concept of place value. Here are 2 websites that further practice place value:

An extension for students who are ready for harder place value concepts:

Big image

Math Support

For those of you interested in hands on math activities to support your child's learning. Please follow our math coordinator on Pinterest at:


Grammar & Unit

We identified and learned many adjectives and nouns that can be used to describe objects and/or people. We then used those nouns and adjectives to describe a person from our classroom and/or a pirate who stole our treasure chest.

This week we picked our own role model! We are now using the different parts of speech to describe our role model and their fabulous characteristics.

Ways to help at home

1. Please practice reading at home. We are working really hard on our fluency.

2. Remember to turn in homework on Wednesdays!


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