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Michelle Picard

Michelle is a junior in college and a player on the Women's US Ice Hockey team. She is a defender and has played for a very long time. On her U-18 team she was the captain. To prove her strength and skills Michelle has done many amazing things. She has even made it onto 3 international teams for the U.S.! She has played hockey since she was a little girl. From a young age she showed talent for the sport and has continues to better her skills.


Ice Hockey became popular in the late 1800's. In North America some time near 1870 it became popular. Can anyone guess where? Canada, it was in Canada. Everyone knows Canada for its snow and hockey. Back then it was played on frozen ponds and British soldiers would often hold contests for entertainment. If you think it was just popular between those with too much time on their hands, your wrong. Students from McGill University in Montreal found time for a scrimmage or two.

Here is where present time hockey fans get interested, all of them hope for this to happen to their team. Hockey eventually had regular matches between a few of the provinces. This caught the eye of a certain man, Lord Stanley of Preston. His fascination for the sport grew to he point to where he got a trophy( a silver bowl with old interior). This took place in 1892 and the trophy would be offered to the best rookie team competing in Canada. Now a days everyone knows about this trophy. Let me give you a moment to think of the name. This award is now know nation wide as the Stanley Cup! Now instead of a small Canadian team holding onto the trophy for a year, a professional team in North America competes for the honor of the cup.

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Above this entry is a report/video that would help to understand how rigorous the training for the women's team is. In it Alexa Pozniak visits them and gets an interview or two from some of the players, including an optimistic Michelle. This was found on the website.
Michelle Picard Primed for the Olympics

Let's Go USA

Michelle Picard

Michelle Picard, as many have said, was born into the world of ice hockey. She started to play around age 6 following the path of her older brother. She was born and raised in the town of Taunton Massachusetts. Throughout her ice hockey career she has had her whole home town supporting her. Ever since she was little she wanted to do the best that she could in her sport. On her U18 team in high school she was the captain and then joined her college team at Harvard. Currently she is studying archeology.

Making the Olympic team was a dream come true. “It’s a dream come true, definitely,” said Picard, reached by phone for an interview from Michigan Wednesday night. “It’s really exciting. Today was just awesome. Being with my team, getting to watch those teams — there are no words to describe how cool.” (Taunton Gazette). When she made the team she was actually called a couple days in advanced so she could hear the good news. She had to keep the amazing news a secret though to make the ceremony all the more special. Once her family found out, the whole fan club found out. Her whole town gave her the support she needed and more.

From watching many interviews and reading some of her tweets one can see that Michelle is a naturally positive person. Heading into the Olympics she was all positivity and enthusiasm. She stated that they were ready and were going to put up an amazing fight. This was shown in all of the games they played. Her spirit is strong and nothing will put her down. In pre-Olympics training she told a reporter that they have a great shot at gold which they have also proven in the games, even after their devastating loss to their arch rival Canada.
U.S. And Canadian Women's Ice Hockey Teams Fight Again (HD)

The Rivalry Continues

The video above is the Olympic trials and the match is between the U.S. and Canada. These are the highlights of the game.
How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Stop and Quick-Start in Ice Hockey
How It's Made Goalie Masks

Save Face

Up above is a video about goalie masks. Not many people realize how important these are. Goalies have one of the most important jobs. They have to keep the puck out of the goal. In doing so many times they end up surrounded and have the opposing team shooting fast and hard projectiles at them and the mask is the only thing keeping their head safe. This video was made by the Discovery Channel's How it's Made crew.