A Blossoming Future

Genius Hour

What's The Difference?

  • Last Generation had 30% of teens smoke. While this generation has cut back a bit to only 18%.
  • The 1980's teenagers usually earn $60.30 a week when working. For 2014 to 2015, we make about $130.00 a week of working.
  • The jobs teens of the 80s commonly wanted were dealing with Biological science, Business Management, Physical sciences, and dealing with Agriculture as well as natural resources! 2015's teens be like, social science & history, Health & related jobs, Education, Visual, and Performing Arts!
  • 52% have driver license in the past but now we aren't so hot with 43%!
  • Stat scores for the 80s came in as an average of 997, 2014 and 15 smoked them with the stat score in an average of 1,011!
  • 58% if teens get ready for collage while now 79% get ready to take the cake!
  • You may be wondering what the other teens are most likely doing, so here we go! Approximately 19% are on a full time job! 2% of the present day teens are at a part time job. For the 1980's it 35% at full time jobs 7% are in part time jobs.

Mental Change With Teens

The mental ways a teen has changed the choices an important part of answering this question. It's topic helps us now what we need to overcome in order to reach our goals. How social are teens these days? Is that a bad thing? Does this prevent me from being a better person? How can we fix this or use this for good?
The teens in this generation wind up to be the generation that spends more time with our parents. We are much more social today than our elderly most likely.
Parents more often know where their teen is at times versus the 1980s.

"Most important are the changes in how they spend their time. Today's young people are in educational and training environments populated almost entirely by their peers, rather than mixed environment of work. There is virtually no youth labour [labor] market, and the future for this generation looks very different," (Dr. Ann Hagell).

I believe Dr. Ann Hagell is saying is that more teens continue to collage and don't work as much. Some may have a part time job, but most likely not.

Class Chat

What do you think about what Dr. Ann explained? Is this a good or bad thing? Can this go both ways?

What You guys think and know!

I have passed out a quiz like packet to the majority of you including many that are not in this class or even in the 8th grade to see what you personally struggle with or what you are absolutely fabulous with. I will show you some answers and my questions as well. Then once again I will have a "Class Chat" with what you think. So get thinking!

How would you like to solve a global issue?

Emely D. said: I would like to help with hunger around the world. I could start a food drive and donate that food.

Jasmine L. said: I would like to help with poverty...anywhere! When I get older, I plan to fly to some places and help them speak out against poverty.

Quad J. said: I would help with homeless people...by building a non-profit community of homes, like a free hotel with food.

Muskaan: I would help stop racism by starting awareness of the problem.

What is a specialty you have that may help the world?

Emely: I am good with writing. I could write books, or something like that, and donate them to many kids and places that need books.

Do you think people don't listen or treat you a specific way because of your age? Are you often limited or not?

Emely: Yes. I am often treated a specific way because I am young and people could think they are smarter than us but we could be just as smart. I am often limited because of my age.

Jasmine: Well, it depends. People always underestimate the power of us teenagers. Sometimes there are expectations, though. Even though this is true, we are not that limited. As to me, people most of the time listen to me.

Muskaan: Once I tried to make my own business and tried to sell it to my friend's father and he just laughed and shooed me off. I do think sometimes you can be limited because of age.

What you struggle with?

Jasmine:I have trouble controlling my emotions (but not on a huge scale) sometimes. I also am a huge procrastinator.

Tyler: I struggle with not being being able to believe in myself and my abilities.

Lena: I have trouble with being bullied because of my religion.

A Special Thanks To Lena, Paola, Jasmine, Emely, Quad, Cameron, Owen, Keegan, Laasya, Gwendolyn, Dominic, Henry, Tyler Muskaan Phisher