Industrial Revolution Project

Interchangeable Parts

Eli Whitney

Interchangeable parts helped many inventors back in the early 1700 and late 1800. Eli Whitney was the most common to use interchangeable parts. He used them to help build 10,000 muskets, Whitney did not have enough supplies to build them so he used interchangeable parts to fill the places. Not every invention was great but it did work with these tools.


Many factories made many products for stores and other buyers. But when they had extra parts and did not know what to do with them they sold the parts seprately. The part had helped many americans to replace broken object (tool, guns,etc.) This made it easier and cheaper for the americans to not but another product.

Interchangeable Parts



Interchangeable part occured everywhere around the world. Many people made many things and had left over parrts. Theres no real accurate place for interchangeable parts but eli whitney did use most of them


Interchangeable parts helped people all around the world. without these parts we would have to buy new products and start all over. These parts introduced us to a new era.