Levi Kreis

Tony-Winner & Rising Star

Sunday Speaker/Soloist

Unity on the North Shore is jazzed to welcome Levi Kreis as he shares his personal story of transformation and empowerment through an intimate blend of music and message.

Intimate and Inspirational

Sunday, March 3rd 2013 at 10:30am

Unity on the North Shore, 3434 Central St., Evanston IL

As a gay kid growing up in a small, fundamentalist Baptist town, Levi struggled for many years with his identity, believing that he was unloved by God. Says Levi, “you can't train a child to believe he is detestable in the eyes to God and expect him to have any value for his own life. The older I got, the more my bad choices reflected back to me the deep-rooted self-loathing I had agreed to long ago.”

His salvation came in the form of a sponsor who chose to be a strong gay mentor. It was the start of a healthy life with real success and happiness. Soon after, his career skyrocketed, including a 2010 Tony award for his Broadway performance as Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet.

Kreis’ appearance represents more new beginnings and decisions, including his recent studies in metaphysical ministry. “I now believe it was the limiting beliefs I had about myself that kept life at bay. I've come to realize that we live in an infinitely supportive universe that is waiting for us to simply receive. That’s my anthem of freedom these days.”

Check out these clips:
Million Dollar Quartet
With Sean Hayes performing at Tony's