Lincoln's Grave Robbers

By Nick Bowman


Lincoln's Grave Robbers is about Patrick Tyrell, a Secret Service agent committed to stopping counterfeit money from going into banks. When three "Coney" men find out that fellow partner Ben Boyd gets put in prison, the men come up with a risky scheme to steal Lincoln's remains and hold it for ransom to get Boyd out of jail and get $200,000. It is up to Patrick Tyrell to stop the devilish act and catch the men red-handed. Can he do it or will the men succeed at the crime. Find out in the book.


Patrick Tyrell- A Secret Service agent dedicated to his job.

Terrence Mullens- An experienced man in counterfeiting. He is part of the heist.

Jack Hughes- A criminal that helps in the heist.

Lewis Swegles- Helps Patrick Tyrell in catching the criminals.

A Quote From The Book

When men go fishing, the most important thing to learn is what type of bait the fish will swallow.

-Patrick Tyrell