Getting to know tungsten

History of tungsten

The name Wolfram is closely related to today’s important tungsten mineral wolframite. In the Middle Ages (16th century) tin miners in the Saxony-Bohemian Erzgebirge in Germany reported about a mineral which often accompanied tin ore (tinstone). As well as this information tungsten was discovered in (est.) 1600-1795. As well as this tungsten, can't be formed by any nuclear processes in stars.Axel Frederik Cronstedt in 1757, who called it Tungsten {composed of the two Swedish words tung (heavy) and sten(stone)} due to its density close to 6. All these explanations, yes tungsten is useful in many things but it's quite a challenge to get a big amount of it because it's already been found.

Tungsten is a very deadly weapon

A bit similar to other elements tungsten can be used as a devastating weapon, as you see in the picture a station will be built with iron rods made of tungsten attached to it, you might think what so bad about tungsten rods. Well a lot of things, if these rods hit the ground from space the impact would have more power than that of 2 hydrogen bombs. The EU or N.A.T.O are still voting on wether this weapon should be finalised or destroyed.

Different uses of tungsten

Frequently asked questions about tungsten.

Most people ask about the tungsten rods. Are there any explosives in tungsten rods? No there aren't any type of explosives in the rods it's just the sheer power of it descending from the atmosphere and hitting the ground, and setting everything a blaze. The next question about tungsten is, which is stronger iron or tungsten? Well that question would be hard to answer but I would say tungsten, not because it's more dense than iron but how destructively tungsten can be used and how useful it is, but iron wins in a case of easier to find.