History Bolck 4

The war with United States

Mexico vs USA

Once that Texas incorporated to United States this country searched to extend their lands to the pacific coast. To achieve it proposed to Mexico to buy New Mexico and California, but the Mexican government said no to sell those lands. So the United States government planned to get them militarily. The first clashes were on April of 1846 on the border between Tamaulipas and Texas. After that, the United States government declared war to Mexico.

Some attacks were in Tamaulipas, others in Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, New Mexico and California. The American troops advanced to the center of the country to attack. For example in Churubusco and Chapultepec were released battles, later they declared peace to United States and the US Government bought both New Mexico and California States by the amount of $15,000,000.00 pesos. Then, the United States Government wanted to buy the Baja California Peninsula But Mexico’s government resisted.

During the first half of century XIX Mexico’s city’s were small and sparsely populated and most of the people lived country areas due to agriculture. A big amount of people were forced to leave there job and join the military army due to some fights that were going on in different parts of Mexico. In that time the city’s life was changing a lot.

Very small amount of people knew how to read and write. The “Cry of Independence” was first celebrated on September 16 of 1812 in Huchapan, Hidalgo. Not all kids assisted to school, due to them helping there parents at there ranch or farm. In that time, a book from a German writer came out about Mexico’s Independence, and he wrote about their Natural and Cultural beauties, that caused the continues visits of Italian, English and Germany people.

War México vs USA (The Patriot Soundtrack) Mexican Army: 1835 and 1848