December TSP Newsletter

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Covered in this Issue

  • How to Prioritize and Eliminate Non Essential Standards
  • Better Lessons "How To"
  • EdPuzzle, Kami, and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Virtual Field Trips and YouTube in the SPED classroom
  • SEL: Relationship Skills
  • Employee Wellness: Yoga At Your Desk with Martena
  • Meet the New Counselor
  • Resources from the TSP Team
  • TSP Newsletter Feedback Survey

Hot Topics

How to Prioritize & Eliminate the Non Essential Standards

"The Why": To allow flexibility for teachers and still achieve the core learning objectives we are providing teachers the pacing guide and pathway to meet the needs of their students during a pandemic. With the uniqueness of our current situation, this pathway guides teachers to core instruction only and eliminates the nonessential lessons. We hope you find this helpful.

Wonders K-5

Suggested Pacing Guide during the pandemic: Common Core Pathway

    1. To set up your Common Core Pathway, Click HERE

    2. If you need help with the Wonders Online planner, please contact Stephanie Wingate


Unit 1 Priority Instructional Content

Unit 2 Priority Instructional Content

Unit 3 Priority Instructional Content

Unit 4 Priority Instructional Content

6th Grade the Scope and Sequence

Grades K-High School

Need help selecting the essential standards? Click HERE for guidance from Achieve the Core on selecting the content priorities by leveraging the structure and emphases of college and career readiness Math and ELA standards.

You Attended a PD but Now What?

BetterLesson “How-To”

BetterLesson’s created a self-paced resource that can help you revisit the key ideas of a previous session and have access to tutorials and examples for the strategies that resonated with you the most. This resource includes a short 5-minute overview of the key ideas of the session and a hyperdoc with essential strategies and "how-to" guides.

Better Lesson - Instructional Strategies

The Better Lesson Website provides resources and step-by-step directions for implementing a variety of Instructional Strategies in your classroom. There is a section that includes ideas of how to implement each strategy during distance learning. Below are information and links on three strategies that can be used in your classroom.

  • Polling the Class-This strategy can increase student engagement by providing them with the opportunity to share their learning, ideas, and feedback. To learn more about this strategy, click HERE.

  • Exit Tickets-A quick and effective way for teachers to check for student understanding and assess mastery of learning. To learn more about using exit tickets, click HERE.

  • Equity Sticks for Student Selection (Aka: Popsicle Sticks)-Using equity sticks ensures that all students are given an equal opportunity to respond to questions and participate in class discussions. To learn more about using Equity Sticks, click HERE.

TSP Tech Tips


Why EdPuzzle?

Videos are powerful tools to support our students who are visual learners. About 65% of our students are visual learners, so incorporating videos for instructions is a great way to match our students’ learning style.

How does it work?

Teachers can make or select a video, add questions to some parts, and assign it to a class. Teachers can also use the videos that have been created by other teachers and edit them to fit their students’ needs.

EdPuzzle Help

Super-handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn how to navigate your computer and create documents in a breeze by learning the keyboard shortcuts, HERE.


60 Day Extension

The purchase of Kami has yet to be finalized. In the meanwhile, click HERE to connect to the Kami website for a free upgrade for an additional 60 days.

Kami Help (Recorded)

Demo: How to use Kami for Remote Learning environments

Special Education

Virtual Field Trips for SDC Classes

Are you looking for something different to add to your daily lesson plans? Would you like your students to visit the Great Wall of China, tour Yellowstone National Park, or even explore the surface of Mars? Check out THIS awesome resource of over 30 virtual field trip options from SBCEO.

YouTube in the Classroom

Throughout distance learning, many teachers are using YouTube to show educational videos frequently in their classrooms. This can be challenging for students with a learning disability, especially those with auditory processing difficulties. Turning on subtitles when showing the YouTube videos can be helpful for many reasons. HERE is a guide on how to turn on subtitles. You can also obtain the transcript from each YouTube video. THIS image shows you were to click to find the transcript.

SEL Corner

Relationship Skills

This month, our Social and Emotional focus is Relationship Skills. CASEL, Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning has identified five major competencies as a framework to foster and enhance all students’ academic, social, and emotional learning. defines Relationship Skills as, “the abilities to establish and maintain healthy and supportive relationships and to effectively navigate settings with diverse individuals and groups.”

Check out this video to learn more!

PBS Learning Media: Relationship Skills

SEL Tool: Within your Morning Meeting Routines or Social Emotional Learning block, you may find time to play, “Make New Friends Bingo!” This activity allows students to interact and develop social skills, particularly verbal and nonverbal communication.

To Play: There are a variety of ways you may facilitate this in a virtual classroom. First, present a Bingo card with generic traits in each box. You may call a volunteer student to choose a trait from their bingo card to ask another student. Such as, “I was born in December.” You might Share Screen a whole class Bingo card and create a class incentive. This game would allow students to practice sharing and also learn about each other beyond the screen!

Here is a Google Slide presentation you may use for your class. Please feel free to Make a Copy and modify as needed.

Employee Wellness

Martena from HunnyFly yoga studios has created the following yoga at your desk video to help employees practice healthy workflow and mindfulness.

Try Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5pm - Zoom Meeting ID: 758 859 5825

Or visit the Fitness Center by the transportation office.

Yoga at Your Desk

Meet the New Counselor: Rachel Becerra

My name is Rachel Becerra, and I am a new school counselor at Lompoc Unified School District. I attended Cal State Northridge, where I earned my Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies. Soon after, I became an elementary school teacher. I have fifteen years of experience as a K-1 Teacher, and I have sincerely enjoyed being in the classroom. I left the classroom, to pursue my Masters in School Counseling at USC because I wanted to have a greater impact on the lives of my students. I am currently a school counselor at Bob Forinash Community Day School and an afterschool SEL counselor for grades K-12. As a school counselor, I facilitate K–12 social, emotional, and academic development, in key areas including college and career readiness, restorative justice, and trauma-informed practices. I am dedicated to providing a supportive, stimulating, and inclusive environment, that allows students to reach their fullest potential. I believe that all students have unique and individual personal potential and are capable of achieving their potential if given the right opportunities. I love being a school counselor and I genuinely look forward to getting to know each of my students and their families here at Lompoc Unified.

Resources From the TSP Team

Distance Learning Lesson Design

Click HERE for an example of how to plan a distance learning lesson.

Digital WhiteBoards

This resource enables you to see your student's work while using their whiteboards. Click HERE for Digital WhiteBoards.

Accountable Talk

Accountable Talk promotes student learning and productive, meaningful discussions. It can include re-phrasing, paraphrasing, building on ideas, and using examples. If you would like to know more about Accountable Talk, check out the articles below:

Click HERE for examples of K - 2 Accountable Talk Stems.

Click HERE for examples of Accountable Talk Stems for Grades 3 and up.

Distance Learning - California Department of Education

For general guidance and resources on Distance Learning -click HERE.


Lynette Martin, Lisa Cordes, Amanda Wildhagen, Jessica Jette, Vicky Acton, Rebecca Ingrahm, Luisa Parkinson

The TSP team wishes our colleagues a very relaxing and rejuvenating winter break! Thank you for all your hard work and remember to practice self-care while enjoying all the things you love with family and friends this season. Our next newsletter will be out in January.

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