Technology In-Service

Thursday, March 19th

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Session 1: Kahoot or EduCreation


Time: 1:15-1:35

Location: Room 461 (Doug Mahoney)

Grade Level: K-12

Description: A game-based response system

  • Create and play, discussions, or even surveys using any device with a web browser including laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PC, etc...



Time: 1:15-1:35

Location: Room 471 (Andrew Haake)

Grade Level: K-12 (more 6-12 examples will be given)

Description: A creative tool that enables students and teachers to share ideas, collaborate, and learn new things

  • It's an app that allows teachers to record lessons, save them and students can view while working on homework or in class working on assignments. Students can also create the videos to show understanding of concepts, equations, etc. It can also be used for project-based learning, such as travel brochures. It has many capabilities, so it's tough to put it into one category.

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Session 2: Thinglink


Time: 1:40-2:00

Location: Room 455 (Deborah Lewis)

Grade Level: K-12

Description: Make anything come alive with interactive digital posters

  • Discover, create, and share interactive images and videos

Session 3: Apple TV

Apple TV

Time: 2:05-2:25

Location: High School Lab (Troy Pritchett)

Grade Level: K-12

Description: I have an Apple TV so now what????