By: Corin Cody

Do you like working with kids? Or giving children and families checkups? Well your in luck because with just 10,000 dollars a year for tuition you can have a degree and you can follow your dreams of being a Pediatrician!
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Overview of Career

Gives children and families checkups. Is a doctor for families and works in hospitals. Annual salary is $87,000. You get to work inside.

What You Need to Succeed

In Highschool you should take these classes: Anatomy, Chemistry

In collage you would need: Pre Medicine


Per year at University of Wisconsin is $10,000

Total $52,500

Housing: $1000

Food and Grocerys: $10000

Gas Money: $1000

Clothing: $500

Tuition for Four Years: $40000

Pros and Cons


1) Meet new people

2) Works with kids

3) Great pay


1) You can get sick

2) Sick kids can be cranky


I defiantly could see myself pursuing this career because I would have fun giving children checkups and seeing happy faces. But I also couldent see myself pursuing this career because I do not like puke or any thing sick. Also I don't like getting sick. If I end up in this career I would defiantly need financial aid , a loan, or a scholarship because there is no way that I can make 52,500 dollars in a few years.


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