6th grade Science Room

Meet Me 3rd Period Every Day

Triangular Tables

26 triangular desks can be put together in groups to seat 4-5 students. A rolling caddy bookshelf with a lazy susan on top will be put in the middle of the desks with supplies needed for each day. The teacher's desk is in the corner with an opening for easy access that can look over the classroom. To the left of the teacher's desk is the rolling lab demo table with a sink which can be moved out of the way if needed. On the floor will be hidden floor outlets to plug in lab equipment.

Equipment Storage And Cleanup Area

All the lab equipment will be stored in the wall cabinets and drawers. The sinks will be under the wall cabinets and above the drawers. The containers will be in the drawers and the chemicals will be in the cabinets.

Wall Decor

On the walls of the science classroom will be posters of famous scientists, and topics related to physics, chemistry, and biology. Each wall will be a specific topic.


The Smartboard will be used for class discussions and brainstorming. It will be located next to the door. The Smartboard will have digital pens and erasers and will be like a giant computer screen.

Room Size

The room will be about 20'x20'

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