Youth Frontiers

By: Bobbi & Ruqqaiya


Bullying can threaten students' physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn. Youth Frontiers wants to help students "stand up for respect in their school." Also allow the students to make a "positive school community."

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How We Help

I once met a school bus driver named Donna who hated driving the school bus. She was new to the job and had only accepted it out of financial necessity. Because she was new, Donna was given one of the worst routes in the system. When she first started, the kids ignored her efforts to keep them in their seats. They fought with each other. They showed little respect to her.At first, Donna was resistant. She visibly did not want to be part of the programming. But gradually, she let go and started to get into the retreat experience. In the small-group sessions, Donna listened to kids tell their stories. She learned that many of the kids on her bus route lived lives filled with pain, loneliness and suffering.

Every Respect Retreat ends with a closing campfire. The kids form a big circle. The lights are dimmed. There is a single microphone in the center of the group. Kids have the opportunity to come up and share their thoughts on the day. Often kids apologize to each other for everything from gossip to social shunning to outright acts of bullying.That day, one of the students apologized to Donna for being a jerk to her on the bus.

Something changed that day for Donna. She began to see her job not as that of a bus driver, but as an elder to the kids on her route. She became friendlier. She also started to do things for them. Some days, the kids got on Donna’s bus to the smell of cookies or brownies. These simple acts — as well as Donna’s change of heart about her role — turned the entire culture of the bus around. These were now “her” kids and they acted accordingly. There was no more fighting, no more disrespect and no more ugly behavior – not toward Donna, and not toward each other.

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We want our charity to help students go through school without worrying. The money that is donated will go to a good cause. Our accountability is 92 out of 100. Your money will not go to waste it will all go to the cause of helping this NFP and we want you to help.

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