Bronco Bulletin

Keefe Regional Technical School

November 17, 2017 Volume 6

This is the last Bronco Bulletin before the Thanksgiving Break. We would like to wish all our families a safe a happy break next week and hope you get to spend some quality time together.

A reminder that Term I closes November 30th. Report cards will go home after grading closes. Grades will also be accessible through iparent.

Upcoming School Events & Announcements

Wednesday, November 22 - Early Release at 10:35AM

Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Dual Enrollment Courses: There are a variety of dual enrollment (college courses) available to students beginning in January 2018. Please see below in the School Counseling section for more details and applications.

Deadlines for Seniors for the Yearbook!

Baby pictures for the yearbook due 12/1/17

Pets & People pictures for the yearbook due 12/1/17
Legacy pictures ( senior with a Keefe Grad related to them) for the year yearbook due 12/1/17

Senior Portraits Pets & People pictures for the year yearbook due 1/3/17

Calling all Parents - Boosters Club Information

The Boosters Club is always looking for new members. They are a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, with a mission to raise scholarship money for Keefe Tech students.

After School Program Locations

The After School Program runs every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Teachers will be available after school to assist students in all subject areas.

Helpful guide to sign-up for IPARENT/ISTUDENT

Interested in checking in on your student's progress? Sign up for iParent! View assignments, grades, attendance, schedule, progress report, and biographical info.

Career and Technical Updates

Business Professionals of America Fall Leadership Conference

Our BPA students participated in a fall leadership conference and were part of a variety of activities. Student participated in workshops related to current events such as: Hurricane Relief Efforts, Opioid Crisis, Wild Fires, Homeless Crisis, Veterans, and Earthquake Relief. In addition, students went to a Special Olympics presentation that focused on the need for volunteers and coaches for the fall, winter and summer games.

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Third student from the left is Keefe Tech Senior, Cameron Mulready.
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From left to right: Brandon Paradie, John Spalti, Samantha Poole, Leandra Magalhaes, Dylan Beckerman, John Quintin, Cameron Mulready, James Deneault, Sean Lammerding

Biometrics Data Collection Project in Legal and Protective Services and Business Technology

Lesson Plan

The LPS and Business Tech shops will work together to measure and collect biometrics data into an Excel spreadsheet. The data collection will result in the calculation of total individual counts, the sum of the measurements, and the average measurements. Measurements will be gathered by 5 groups for the following:

Measurement Categories:

Height (standing against wall without shoes- floor to top of head)

Foot length (standing back of heel to tip of toe)

Wing Span (arms extended side to side reach- fingertip to fingertip)

Hand Length (base of palm to fingertip)

Head Circumference (crown measurement- largest circumference of head forehead and back of head)

Goal: Students will be able to measure, quantify, record, and analyze biometrics data of classmates.

Project Instructions: In groups students will be responsible for collecting measurement data from one of the categories for all the students and then create a GoogleSheet, listing the measurement data, Sum of the measurements, high, low, and median and mean of the measurements.

Supplies: measuring tapes, string, Googlesheets

Frameworks: 2.C Criminal Investigating Techniques and Procedures; 6.A Technology Literacy Knowledge and Skills

Check out the students in action below!

Dental Assisting

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Superintendent, Jonathan Evans, invited local legislators, college and university representatives, School Committee members, community leaders, Keefe Tech administrators, teachers and students to an opening ceremony for our new Chapter 74 Dental Assisting Program. Thank you to the Health Careers Student Ambassadors who helped run demonstrations for the community guests. Another thank you to our SkillsUSA students who helped escort our guests and make them feel welcome in our school. The Dental Assisting Program is off to a great start and in it's second cycle of Career Exploratory with grade 9 students.
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Grade 10 Health Careers Students Ambassadors help lead Dental demonstrations - from left to right: Kimberly Recinos, Briae Hughes, Ashley Sok, Emilie Avelar

Early Childhood Education and Teaching in the Community!

The Early Education and Teaching program helped the children at the T.N.N childcare center with their Halloween parade on Tuesday October 31st! Check out their sweet costumes!

Academic Updates

Students in Ms. Leahy's Algebra II class practicing the quadratic formula.
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Ms. Pertro and Ms. Cardone help freshmen hone their research skills.
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Clubs and Activities

This weekend, KT SADD is asking you to go see the Movie "Wonder" at any theater near you! $1 for each ticket purchased will be donated to the SADD club and its mission to spread kindness to the whole community.

Wonder's heartwarming message is perfectly matched to SADD's mission to treat everyone with kindness and embrace all of our unique and wonderful differences! Follow the link Select KT high school- SADD and purchase tickets on Fandango.

Drama Club will be meeting next week on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:05 PM - 3PM Ms. Fairclough and Mr. Lewis in room 226.

The Photography Club meets every Monday in Graphic Communications with Mr. Allain after school!

The Newspaper Club is meeting on Monday, November 20th in room 106 with Ms. Fairclough after school! There are always snacks and it is a great way to get involved in sharing what is going on at Keefe Tech. Writing, reporting, photography are all a part of it!

The GSA held a Car Wash on October 21 and raised $250.00. Everyone had a great time, check out a few pictures below!

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School Counseling News

Grade 10 students will participate in the Break Free From Depression curriculum with the School Counselors after Thanksgiving Break. The Break Free from Depression Curriculum, designed by Children’s Hospital in Boston, is aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about adolescent depression. More detailed information will be going home to Grade 10 parents/guardians next week.

Seniors who are planning to apply to 4-year colleges and universities should make sure they are connected with the Guidance Google Classroom!

College bound seniors should be working on their college applications, completing necessary essays and making sure they have connected with teachers about recommendations. Students should make an appointment with their School Counselor if they have not done so already. Deadlines come up quick and we want to make sure they everyone is on track.

Lots of fall Open Houses are happening at college and universities - visiting campus is one of the best ways to decide if a school could be the right fit!

Attention seniors - Testing Deadlines: Keefe Tech's CEEB Code is 220854.

The deadline to register for the December 2, 2017 SAT Administration has passed - late registration for an additional cost goes until November 21. Instructions on how to register, as well as fee waivers, are available in the Guidance Office. Register at

The deadline to register for the December 9, 2017 ACT Administration has passed - late registration for an additional cost goes until November 17. Instructions on how to register, as well as fee waivers, are available in the Guidance Office. Register at

The next ACT and SAT testing dates being in February and March of 2018.

DUAL ENROLLMENT SPRING 2018 COURSE OFFERINGS - There are multiple dual enrollment opportunities available for students beginning in January 2018. Applications are linked to this newsletter and hardcopies are available in the Guidance Office.

Framingham State University Course Offerings will be out soon!

MassBay - Spring 2018 Dual Enrollment Course Offerings:

Social Problems (SO 115-152) Mondays 6:00pm 9:15pm 1/22/18 5/15/18
Course Description: Examines selected problems affecting life in contemporary society. Topics may include aging, crime and delinquency, drugs, race/ethnicity, and minority issues. Develops awareness and understanding of why and how problems arise, and the means for dealing with them. Lecture: 3 hours per week.

Psychology of Business & industry (PS 260-040) Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm 4:45pm 1/16/18 5/15/18

Course Description: This course will focus on human relation problems in business and industry. It will also examine personnel issues, consumer psychology, conflict supervision, communication, motivation, and cooperation in the workplace. Case studies will be employed. Lecture: 3 hours per week.

Introduction to Communication (CO 100-030) Monday and Wednesday 3:45pm 5:00pm 1/22/18 5/15/18

Course Description: An introduction to the history and principles of human communication. The course will cover the development of communication from signals, to speech, to writing, and to the mass communication technologies of print, broadcast media, and computers. Contemporary models and theories of human communication will be emphasized. Finally, the course will consider the growing field of communication as both an academic discipline and a career focus. This will enable students to make informed choices about their future study and job options. Lecture: 3 hours per week

MassBay Spring 2018 Dual Enrollment STEM Courses:

(CS 106) Cyber Security Awareness course is:

  • A 10-week, 2 credit, hybrid course (on-line & in-class) - 2 credit course
  • Start date TBD - will be determined based on student feedback
  • 15 hours of class time (1.5 hours per week) 15 hours online, plus homework
  •  Taught by a MassBay adjunct faculty member and offered at Keefe Tech
  •  Required for the Cyber Security Certificate program at MassBay


Fundamentals of microbiology is the study of the microorganisms, which cause human disease from both a scientific and medical perspective. Studied will be the concepts regarding a) molecular structure, physiology, metabolism, growth, and genetics of microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi; b) mechanisms of infection, toxicity, and disease; c) the immune system; d) physical and chemical control of microorganisms; and the structure, function, and action of antimicrobial drugs and drug resistance. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Lab: 3 hours per week. 4 Credits Prerequisite: BI101 or BI110

Fundamentals of Microbiology w/ Lab Course Times:

Reg # Section

7557 BI223-063 Tue 5:00-7:40PM Tue 7:55-10:30AM

7559 BI223-098 Sat 8:00-10:30AM Sat 10:45-1:30PM

7561 BI223-475 Sun 12:00-2:30PM Sun 2:45-5:30PM

7563 BI223-750 ONLINE Wed 5:00-9:50PM W Hybrid First 8 wks

7565 BI223-751 ONLINE Wed 5:00-9:50PM W Hybrid Second 8 wks


This course is a broad overview of computer science from a problem-solving perspective. Topics include: solution strategies and algorithms, the hardware basis and organization of computers, operating systems and networks including the Internet, programming language paradigms and programming fundamentals, the many applications of software to real-world problems, and the social, historical, and ethical context of computing. Students receive a hands-on introduction to basic programming concepts (objects, classes, data types and expressions, loops, conditionals, and functions/methods). Also included are case studies about information rights, privacy, security, and the ethical (mis)behavior of corporations and individuals with respect to these issues. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Laboratory: 2 hours per week. 4 Credits

Intro to Computer Science Course Times:

Reg # Section

7981 CS110-070 Mon 5:00-7:10PM Wed 5:00-7:10PM

8401 CS110-750 ONLINE ONLINE Wed 5:00-6:50PM WTBA 15 Wk Online


This interdisciplinary project-based course introduces the basics of programmable robotic systems. Using a systematic approach, students will learn to use a design process to apply engineering and programming concepts to create simple robotic projects. This course will run in a studio-like setting using an active learning method of instruction. Problem-based projects, small group discussions and team collaboration will facilitate the development of critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, creative thinking and communication skills. Students are encouraged to take advantage of available career exploration and mentoring opportunities. Lecture Hours per week: 3 Lab Hours per week: 0 Pre-requisites: None Co-requisites: None 3 Credits

iCREATE-I: Intro to Coding Course Times

Reg # Section

8291 ET111-014 Thur 2:00-4:45PM


Presents engineering design case studies for a variety of engineering disciplines and introduces design topics including problem formulation, creativity, specifications, evaluation tools, ergonomics, manufacturing and ethics. Provides a solid foundation for developing accurate 3D CAD models and 2D representations of parts and assemblies using SolidWorks, a 3D Parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. CAD topics will include hands-on creation and modification of parts, and assemblies in regard to design intent and complete with features, dimensions, relationships and views, and developing 2D representation of 3D parts. Students develop an original design to solve a technical problem and a 3D visualization of the solution using SolidWorks as a term project. Recommended: Working Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and the WWW. Lecture: 3 hours per week; Lab: 2 hours per week. 4 Credits

Engineering Design w/ CAD I Course Times:

Reg # Section

7690 MN130-750 ONLINE Mon 6:00-6:50PM or Wed 2:00-2:50PM Hybrid, 15 Wk Online, Students can attend one of the two labs listed plus online work


This course provides an introduction to project management theory and the use of MS Project software. It focuses on coordinating tasks, assigning resources, and tracking cost to develop a project schedule. Students learn project management skills while working on actual projects. MS Project and various CAD, CS and MS Office applications are used to complete hands-on course work. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Lab: 2 hours per week. 4 Credits

Project Management Course Times:

Reg # Section

8383 MN140-750 ONLINE Wed 5:00-6:00PM or Thur 11:00-12:00PM 15 Wk Online

MassBay Spring 2018 Dual Enrollment Application

Use this application for Social Problems, Psychology of Business and Industry and Introduction to Communications.

MassBay STEM Course Application

Courses offered on Wellesley campus. Applications are due to the Guidance Office at Keefe by Wednesday, December 6, 2017. This application should also be used for the Cyber Security Course.

Winter Sports begin Monday, November 27!

Winter sports sign-ups are happening! Students interested in participating in athletics this winter should connect with coaches to make sure they are signed up.

All students participating on a winter athletic team need to make sure they have an up-to-date physical on record in our Nurse's Office (within the last year). Information about Sports Clearances will be sent home to students as needed.

Winter Athletics offered:

Boys Basketball - Head Coach - Mr. Westerman

Girls Basketball - Head Coach - Mr. Collins

Boys Wrestling - Head Coach - Mr. Marini

Ice Hockey - Head Coach - Mr. Machado

Cheerleading - Coaches - Ms. Locke and Ms. Graham

Faculty and Student Spotlight

Meet Ms. Aguiar

Kristen Aguiar is our new English as a Second Language teacher. She has her Bachelor's in Sport Management from UMass Amherst and her Master's of Teaching ESL from Framingham State University. She has worked at such schools as Assabet Valley Tech, Milford High School, Universidad Santo Tomas in Santiago, Chile. She has lived both in Chile and in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Student Ambassadors did an awesome job at both our 8th Grade Showcase Days this November!

Over 120 students participated in our two 8th grade showcase days this November. Students did demonstrations, spoke to students about what they are involved in and what they want to do with their future. Check out our students in action!