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For the Week of October 28 - November 1, 2019


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6th Grade AVID 101

We have been talking about having a growth mindset and starting to set goals for ourselves. Now we will start to work on Focused Note taking and how to ask higher level questions.

7th and 8th Grade AVID


You can access the band newsletter by clicking HERE.


Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)


6th Grade

Innovators and Makers

App Creators


Below is the link to the ELL Smore.



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Foreign Language

All classes will be studying Dia de los Muertos.

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Technology (Robtoics, STEM and Design and Modeling)

Design and modeling-



Math Strategies

8th Grade Math Strategies

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7th Grade Math Strategies

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6th Grade Math Strategies

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6th-8th Multimedia

6th Multimedia - This week we started working with a 3-D design program called Paint 3-D. We have designed a dog by using a variety of the tools within the program. When their dog was done they started to create a 3-D character from scratch only using shapes. They will be finishing their character next week.

7th & 8th Multimedia -We have started creating our 3-D house using Google SketchUp. Their design must have a variety of components both inside and outside. They will be continuing to work on this until November 4th. We will also be taking a quick break and create a quick green screen project that will make the students lose their heads!

Please make sure your student will have their own earbuds/headphones available to use daily in my class.


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Physical Education / Strength & Conditioning


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Reading Strategies


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JCMS Library Media Center

Link to JCMS Library Media Center Smore's newsletter


Vocal Music

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