Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

By Mara Kapes

Her life

Gabrielle grew up poor. Her mother was dead and she had 4 other siblings. Her father did not want them after her mothers death and sent her and her 2 other sisters to a convent/orphanage. She left this place and got popular from being Etienne Balsans girlfriend for a while and then they broke up. After many marriages and divorces/deaths she found a perfumer, she convince him to give her the perfume he was making. After a few touches and changes, it was turned into Chanel No. 5. Today it is still one of the most popular perfumes in the world. During World War 2 she closed all of her shops at about mid fifty's. When she was 71 she re-opened and on Febuary 5, 1954 she had her first fashion show. The Paris newpapers criticized her for her age and style. She was not quite lost, Life the most popular magazine in the USA at the time wrote an article on how her work was not just clothing but a REVOLUTION. This is what brought Chanel back to power.



Chanel has a variaty of products from Perfume, Jewelry, and Purses to Clothes, Books, and Make up. Coco Chanel does not just have great quality it has great looks and a great back story that most people don't know about.


Gabrielle was an artist, up until she died she was creating new and diferent peices of work.

She was an insparaion, she worked untill the day she died, she died when she was in her early eighty's.

She was creative, she had the ideas that nobody else did, she dared to have her clothes loose and short. She created a revolution in fashion, and she dressed like she wanted and not what men wanted her to. She removed long skirts and corsets. She had a vision that was original, nothing that had been seen before.

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