By Zoe Sheley

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Chapter 1

Nate lives on a farm in New Hampshire. His rooster Ezekiel is to loud so they put him in the cellar.Then a few days later their hen lays a enormous egg.

Chapter 2

The hen could't handle the egg. Nate has to come out every day to turn the egg pop comes out at night. And Nate thinks it is a hand full and it really is.

Chapter 3

Nate was so patient for that egg to hatch. The hen had been on the egg for five weeks! Nate had got tired of taking care the hens egg. I would have got tired to. Nate also met a man named Dr. Ziemar .

Chapter 4

The next week was really slow. Nate was really tired of the egg but be for he knew it the egg hatched and it was a dinosaur!

Chapter 5

As soon as Dr. Ziemer heard the egg had hatched. He ran in his bathrobe. When he got their all they talked about is what came out of the egg. Dr. Ziemer said the dinosaur is a tricerapops

Chapter 6

After dinner Dr. Ziemer came. Dr. Ziemer & Nate fed the dinosaur grass and leaves. It can grow more than 20 feet at least that is what Dr. Ziemer said.

Chapter 7

They were going bring a man named Dr. Kenney over to the house. Dr. Zeimer said the chicken and the dinosaur were in the same family tree. Nate also said he wanted to name his dinosaur Uncle Beazley

Chapter 8

The next morning Dr. Kennedy came over to the house and he was thinking that Dr. Ziemer was tricking him. But when Dr. Kennedy saw the dinosaur he was shocked and then he knew they were not tricking.

Chapter 9

Dr. Kennedy said he wanted to get the dinosaur for 100 dollars but Nate Did not budge.