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Online Education Learning

Obsolete teachings in schools

Schools tend to have teachers who portray a more, physical, face to face teaching style. After doing some research on how students are limited in learning, I found that teachers want students to be more group based. Meaning, the students use the resources that are already preset and work together to figure situations out without the use of technology or a computer. With no computers involved in learning, students aren't able to get multiple resources for their work instead of just using what the teacher has issued. It's limiting students from being able to use their brain to its full potential along with not allowing them to discover more than what they should know. Schools have labs that hold technology with multiple uses but no one to use them. Of course the students use the computers but even then, it's the fact of how long that use of technology is used. Students have access to the use of technology at their schools but I strongly believe that teachers are non-purposely trying to keep them away from the use of the technology. Before technology even took flight, everything was taught and done with textbooks and a black board. In other words the traditional version of teaching. Now that technology is more advanced and easier to access, more and more are switching to online learning for multiple reasons.

Recommendations for more technology usage

Technology, Gaming, and learning

If I were a teacher I would find someway somehow my class can use the computers to do research or discover more about their homeland. A great and productive way of having technology play a more acceptable position in learning would be creating online games for students to react to. Its encouraging, a more productive way of learning, and most importantly the students would have a blast playing a video game whether it involved teaching or not. Students need ways of expanding their minds to its full potential when acceptable. By simply applying what students do on a regular basis and connecting that to helping them learn could cause a tremendous increase on test scores and even learning paces. Why have all this technology, that was built to help make learning easier and simple, have no use. If that was case, why even build it?

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