Ruby Reds March Recognition

& Half Way To May Inspiration!

In Full Bloom

Ahhhhhhh....April! It's one of my favorite months to be a Stella & Dot Stylist & Leader. All of the quiet, but hard, work that has been happening since January is starting to BLOOM. It's truly amazing to see so many businesses in bloom.

I'm not sure WHY April is this magic month....I just know that it IS. Women want to host, ladies want to get together and SHOP. I really should look no further than myself as a good gauge. I have been on a shopping craze for the last several week. Buying everything from shoes to dresses to new pants and tops. I'm so ready to update my wardrobe. Imagine right now if YOU got invited to a Stella & Dot trunk show for the first time. You would be in ahhhh of all of our style. From the catalog to the high-tech website to our high-touch trunk would leave with ideas and inspiration and a few fabulous pieces of jewelry!

"Be Who You Came To Be."

We have so many reasons to book, sell & sponsor! Now is the time to re-engage, relaunch, refocus and REALIZE your true potential! You signed up for a reason. What was the reason? Go back and visit it. It's not too fact your timing is PERFECT! Plant a seed now and watch it bloom. Sometimes we even see seeds bloom OVERNIGHT.

Many of you have heard me talk about my Grandmother Dot. She was so cool and beautiful and full of wisdom. I tried to learn as much from her as I could. I should write a pocket book with all of her insight and wisdom. Just on Friday, I came across a note my Grandmother Dot wrote to Ben (my 6 year old) before he was born. It said...

"Be Who You Came To Be."

Wow. I was moved. It's such a powerful and simple piece of advice. I think we should all take this advice. Be who you came to be. Who YOU WANT to be. Who YOU DESIRE to be. Be that person. Don't be anything less than you came to be. Your potential is HUGE. You just have to harness it, channel it, and BELIEVE in yourself. I believe in YOU.

Aren't You Glad Someone Invited YOU!

Aren't you so glad someone asked YOU!?? Now is the month to share the style and share the LOVE. Who can you invite to be part of our community? There is no time like April to join Stella & Dot! The $100 sign up incentive makes it a very low risk decision!

Listen to this call to get some ideas on how to sponsor by habit...the guest speaker is ME!

Look on the Team Page Starting on MONDAY for a Fun Flash Incentive on Sponsoring!

Put on your big girl panties and JUST DO IT!

March ON! Wow....a record month of sales!

Congrats to all of our TOP SELLERS in March. Let me tell you about our #1 Seller....she started her business on March 1st! Just goes to show....success can be found fast at Stella & Dot. It wasn't a fluke or a whim that put her at $9,000 in was hard work, determination and planning! Congrats Heather....we know you are one to watch!

$2308+ in Sales...Gotta Love The Hustle for 30% Commission!

1 Heather Jencks - Ann Arbor $8,703

2 Hillary Bessiere - Pleasanton $6,530

3 Kristy Pauly - Wichita $6,330

4 Julie Williams - Omaha $5,493

5 Jennifer Bitar - Overland Park $5,392

6 Emily Kuhlman - Lenexa $3,968

7 Jean Sweet - Fort Leavenworth $3,733

8 Amy Shroyer - Platte City $3,706

9 Jody Price - New Orleans $3,690

10 Tara Renze - Leawood $3,595

11 Susan Steenbergen - Russellville $3,494

12 Jennifer Albrecht - O'fallon $3,448

13 Carey Wettstein - Bel Aire $3,396

14 Elizabeth Krull - Overland Park $3,379

15 Jennifer Salmans - Manhattan $3,373

16 Anne Walton - Kansas City $3,366

17 Brigid Reisch - Leawood $2,991

18 Leslie Reardon - Overland Park $2,811

19 Laura McColley - Omaha $2,809

20 Brandi Browning - Fort Drum $2,709

21 Billie Conger - Chesterfield $2,618

22 Jennifer Smith - Springfield $2,584

23 katherine elliott - Adams $2,479

24 Denise Guttery - Petersburg $2,468

25 Angela Clifton - overland park $2,441

26 Kelly Pfannenstiel - Olathe $2,418

27 Hilary Nauholz - Lawrence $2,391

28 Ginger Lauby - Lincoln $2,370

Who's Going To Get-Away???

I'm doing a FUN & FAB Incentive for April. For every ONE Getaway You get ONE Entry! The Prize....a $100 Visa Gift Card for you to GET whatever you want!

There is a thread on the team page now....and look for a final one May 1st. In the mean time....please by all means feel free to brag on your bag sales!

Look Who Promoted!

Congrats to Jennifer Bitar on her Promotion to Senior Stylist! No surprise on this one. She has been off to a SUPER FAST START since she signed up in February. She has sold $18,000 since she started and built a team of 7 first line stylist. HELLO ROCK STAR! Congrats girl....the best is yet to come! You've got it goin' on!! Hello STAR :) xoxo

I love this adorable picture of Jennifer with her adorable little winggirl, Blake Sophie.

And hello up and coming leaders! Welcome to Leadership and Congrats on your Promotion to Lead Stylist in March!

Lauren Fallon - Lead Stylist

Holly Loudermilk - Lead Stylist

Billie Conger - Lead Stylist

Anna Bartlett - Lead Stylist

Alicia Schofield - Lead Stylist

I'm Committed to YOU!

Whether you're on my first line or my 6th line....I am committed to YOU! What can I do to help you? What are you working for? Where do you need leadership, inspiration and ideas?

I'm 100% committed to making sure that you are getting everything out of Stella & Dot possible. If you give 100% - I'll give you back 110%! That's the way it works.

Effort In = Results Out!

If sponsoring is on your radar and you're not sure how to get started....please send me an email and I will help you get focused on ready to make it happen! It's my true passion. I watch all of you - watch you realize your potential, achieve goals that you thought weren't possible, go on vacations, pay for school, treat yourself to splurges and MORE!

YOU ARE IN BLOOM! I can't wait to see you shine! xoxo

Tara Renze

Senior Director, Founding Leader & YOUR BIGGEST FAN!
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists