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By: Austin Wilson

One Good Punch


The main problem in the book is a teenage boy named Michael who goes to East Scranton High School, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is captain of the track team and the Scranton Observer editorial assistant. Michael was a true athlete and an exceptional student. His only downfall was the people he associated with. One day Michael's friend Shelly asked him for a couple joints rolled with marijuana. Michael asked his friend Joey Onager if he could get them. Joey Onager was a drug trafficker, so he said he would get the joints. Friday night Joey messed up. Instead of meeting up with Michael, he went to school and stashed the joints in Michael's locker. When Michael found out he became scared because he heard that the police were doing a drug sweep at his school. He was mad at joey for not sticking to the original plan. He knew that if the police found the joints, his dreams would be crushed. News got out that the police found drugs in a handful of students lockers. Michael became worried that he possibly could be one of those students. He was on the list of those kids and was called into the principals office to be questioned about the joints that were found. He is told if he turns in who he got the joints from, he could be out of trouble. If he doesn't then he will be expelled and his future college plans would be ruined.

A solution I came up with would've been to not associate with people like Joey and Shelly who would get me in trouble. He wouldn't have been in the situation he was in if he wouldn't have associated with the wrong people.

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Down In The Dumps

If i could remove one character from this novel it would be Shelly because she asked Michael to get the joints. If she would have never asked him, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble because he never would've had to ask Joey for them. Joey wouldn't have stashed them in Michael's locker. Michael wouldn't have been one of the kids on the drug sweep list. He wouldn't have had to worry about his future being ruined.

Fab Fives

"I took that one good punch, and it finished me"


Face To Face


1. Michael, why did you agree to help Shelly?

Answer: I agreed to help Shelly because she was my friend, but I regret it.

2.How did you feel at the time?

Answer: I felt fine because i didn't know i was going to get caught.

3.Why didn't you rat on joey?

Answer: Because he is my friend and didn't want him to get in trouble.

4.How did you feel about getting expelled?

Answer: I was upset but i knew i had brought it on myself.

5. How upset were you about not running track?

Answer: It hurt me inside because i had been training a lot to run that season.

6. Did you ever think about the consequences before you said yes to Shelly?

Answer: No i was not thinking about them.

7. Would you ever change what happened if you could?

Answer: Most definitely.

8. Were you upset about losing your job?

Answer: Yes and no, I was upset when it happened but I also knew i could fight to get it back.

9. What did you do after you were expelled?

Answer: I went and got a job and went to college where i was able to run track.

10.Is there anything you would tell someone who is in the position and situation when Shelly asked you to get the joints?

Answer: You should say no and walk away.

Best Seller

I consider this book as a best seller and i would recommend this book to anyone. I could relate to this book and what the character went through. It teaches a few important life lessons, like don't throw your future away on drugs, especially if you're an athlete.That lesson came into play when Michael agreed to get the joints for Shelly and asked Joey for them. At that point he had put his track season and future in jeopardy. Another good lesson is to not bring drugs to school. Joey brought the drugs to school and put them in Michael's locker. Another lesson is to watch who you associate yourself with. Michael associated with people like Joey Onager. Michael is letting his family down and his team because he is surrounding himself with trouble.There are a couple other lessons but you have to read the book to learn them. Its not a long book and its easy to read. Its a great book for anyone but its a really good book for someone who has been in trouble with drugs or done anything that has jeopardized something for them. Alot can be taken from this book. I hope whoever reads this book learns alot like I did.



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