What's Up Weekday

To Infinity and Beyond!

2's and 3's

This week Bandana took us on trip in his rocket ship! For small group time we explored our very own clouds that we got to take home, we also looked at the sun, moon and stars in the sky. We took a rocket ship ride to the back hallway where we explored the moon and planets. In Art, Ms. Joni talked to us about how Moses was lost and God sent him a cloud to follow during the day and fire at night. So we made our own clouds and pillars of fire!

Bandana flew away in his rocket ship and told us that he would be back to have some fun in the sun for an extra special trip next week!

Dates to remember:

Tuesday 6/16: Beach Day (please wear your bathings suits and bring a towel)

Thursday 6/18: Donuts with Dad at 9:30am in the classroom

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