Christmas with family

Every year, December 25

December 25

Some people have sports, hobbies, even food as their passion. Personally for me it's Christmas Day! The food, gifts, preperations, wrapping presents, and fun. Mainly gifts though. I love recieving them very much, but I like giving them even more. That glowing face you see when they open your gifts is the best feeling in the world. That feeling is the reason to my passion. My passion for Christmas!!!

Life of slippers

Generations ago, my ansestors originated Euroepe around the 16th century they were also worn for comfort at that time, but we outdoors shoes ment for long journeys. Later in the 19 century in France they were refined for indoor comfort and mainly Royal pleasure. Although in the 19th century we were a main house hold need and want. Year by year the slipper was reinvented and innovated to meet all needs.

Main slippers

Guaranteed better with fluffy slippers

With my slippers

This morning I got up, put on my slippers and started my day as usual; freshened up and ate breackfeast. I helped my mom finish up with last minute details of Christmas Dinner. My sister and her husband came over for Christmas Dinner and now we're all eating dessert by the fire place and opening presents. I just love Cristmas!