News From Room 1

February 24, 2016

In Review

We have had some exciting changes in Room 1 over the past few weeks. We have welcomed three new friends, Everlyn, Bryson, and Malieke to our class. We enjoyed our time with the nice big sensory table from the outdoor classroom. We explored beans, water, and sorted clowns and bears. We learned that water travels down the water fall and that once the water fell into the table there was no more at the top. We used funnels, cups, balls, and squirt toys to enhance the learning fun. Our Friendship celebration was a huge success, thank you everyone for bringing Valentines and snack to share. We made a trip out to the Outdoor classroom to enjoy the sunshine. While we were there the children noticed the pretty bush where the bees and butterflies lived in the fall was not as pretty, this opened up discussions about the seasons. They then explored the grounds to see what else they could spot that was different. We noticed the trees with no leaves, the grass was not green, and there were no flowers in the garden circles. We read book next to the electric fire, explored with magnifying glasses, and dug some dirt.

Coming Up

We are going to spend a little more time exploring colors and shapes before we enjoy a few weeks dedicated to Dr. Seuss. We will use our colored bears and clowns to sort by color and also sort bears from clowns. If we need more challenging activities we will try sorting bears from clowns and then by color. We will be working on our fine motor skills by using colored pencils, markers, crayons, and by stringing beads on string. We will build towers and things with the cube blocks, stacking and testing their balance. In the sensory table we are going to explore "Oobleck." Oobleck is fun to play with, it is a mixture of equal parts of water and corn starch. To the eye it appears to be a solid, and to the touch it seems solid until you pick it up and it oozes right through your fingers. We have been thankful for the few warm days we have had and we anxiously await the temperature reading each morning to determine if we can play outside. We look forward to more days in the Outdoor classroom and Graceland, but we really just like riding bikes, running, sliding, and playing in the sand. Hurry up Spring, we can't wait!!

Preschool screenings: if you didn't receive a packet of paperwork from Parents as Teachers your child will be screened at a later date, If they were screened earlier this year then Parents as Teachers needs to wait until May and possibly August to screen them for Preschool. Tracy Spurck will provide you with paperwork to fill out as the time approaches for your child to be screened. Please let us know if you have questions about screenings.

Important Dates

February 29th, March 1st, March 3rd, and March 4th- Preschool Screenings

March 3rd-4th- Ms. Jaime at S.T.A.R. Conference, we will have a sub

March 11th- Conference of the Young Years-Ms. Jaime, Ms. Caroline, Ms. Sandie, and Ms. LeighAnne out, Ms. Ali, and Ms. Bridget will be subbing

March 18th- Grace Professional Development-Subs in Room 1

March 24th- District Professional Development-NO SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE

March 25th - April 1st- Spring Break Grace is Closed enjoy the break


Welcome to Room 1 Bryson, Everlyn, and Malieke

Happy 3rd birthday to Mabel 2-28 and Colby 3-2.