Stress & Depression in Development

Information for parents on your child's stress

Three Reasons Your Child Could be Depressed

  • Internalizing their behavior early on in life without knowing how to express their feelings
  • Externalizing their behavior beyond the normal spectrum
  • Having a variation of behavior tactics during the course of their life

Prenatal and Infant Development

  • during prenatal and infant development, there are many risk factors that can occur.
  • In these time periods, it can be important to determine any risk factors for depression later on in a child's life.
  • Low birth weight can be linked to depression in young developing children
  • If a pregnant woman is extremely stressed, she can pass that stress on to the baby which can result in more stress and depression in that child's life as well

"The relationship between stress and depression varies across the life course"

"Parental divorce during childhood has been shown to be associated with depression in adulthood as well."

Child Development

  • If a child is separated from a parent constantly during childhood for reasons besides their parents being divorced, then they can suffer depression in childhood
  • That depression can carry out to adulthood as well
  • Along with depression, the child can also suffer massive amounts of stress associated with the situations


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