Vietnam War

By: Andrew Gray and Thomas Radle


Cold War- The US's and the Soviet Union's ideologies clashed over decades of events including the space race and small conflicts such as the one in Vietnam

Containment- the act of stopping the spread of Communism throughout the World

DMZ- the de-militarized zone on the 38th parallel between North Korea and South Korea

Domino Theory- the theory that when one political event in a country happens it will cause similar events in neighboring countries

Draft- selecting US adults to join the army to fight in the Vietnam War

National Liberation Front- a political organization formed by the vietcong

Pentagon Papers- a classified study of the Vietnam war by the Department of Defense

Viet Cong- the group that the US fought in Vietnam

Vietnamization- US taking its troops out of Vietnam


Top 15 Events


1955- The pro-american Ngo Dinh Diem became President of South Vietnam and America agreed to train Diem's army

1957- The Vietminh started a campaign of guerrilla warfare in South Vietnam

1959- American military advisors were killed in Vietnam-first US

1961- US President Kennedy pledged extra aid to South Vietnam

1962- The number of US military advisors increased from 700 to 12,000

1963- President Diem of South Vietnam was assassinated

1964- US bombs North Vietnam which results in the attack of US air abases by the Viet Cong

1965- Operation Rolling Thunder was initiated sending 200,000 troop to South Vietnam to aid against the North

1966- the number of troops in Vietnam increased to 400,000

1967- Nguyen Van Thieu is elected President of South Vietnam; there are now 490,000 troops in Vietnam

1968- Tet Offensive began; My Lai Massacre; 540,000 troops now in Vietnam; anti-Vietnam War riots break out in Chicago

1969- Nixon ordered the secret bombing of Cambodia; started Vietnamization; Ho Chi Minh dies

1970- There are now 280,000 troops in Vietnam

1971- Down to 140,000 troops in Vietnam, Lieutenant William Calley is convicted and jailed for the My Lai Massacre

Tonkin Resolution Synopsis

The Tonkin Resolution was the document that both President Johnson and President Nixon relied on to enact their military policies in Vietnam. Most Importantly, this document allowed President Johnson to enter the war against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

Top Ten Vietnam Era Songs

1. Eve of Destruction- Barry McGuire

2. Hang On Sloopy- The McCoys

3. You Were On My Mind- We Five

4. The In Crowd- The Ramsey Lewis Trio

5. Like a Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

6. Help- The Beatles

7. Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers

8. Catch Us If You Can- The Dave Clark Five

9. Yesterday- The Beatles

10. I Got You Babe- Sonny & Cher

Hero or Villain

Hugh Thompson- This man was a hero in the My Lai Massacre because he was the one the reported this tragedy to his superiors which led to the arrest of Lieutenant William Calley. He also rescued Vietnamese civilians when it was taking place.

William Calley- This man was a villain in the My Lai Massacre because he was the Lieutenant leading the troops and telling them what to do. He ordered the destruction of the village of the defenseless South Vietnamese civilians killing hundreds.