5th Grade News!

November 16th - 20th

Passing Along the Message:

#1-Picture Retake Day:

School Portrait Retake Day is Tuesday, November 17th, at Norris Elementary!

SchoolPix Inc. will be taking retakes for any students who were absent on picture day and for all new students. School Portrait order forms are available in the school office for new students. For students who purchased pictures on original picture day and would like a retake, please fill out the customer service form enclosed in your portrait package. Please return the form along with the entire portrait package to your child's teacher on retake day. Original packages must be returned to the photographer on retake day in order to receive a replacement package.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call SchoolPix Inc. customer service at 972.334.9140 or email us at info@schoolpixinc.com.

#2-Yearbooks-(The attached flyer will go home with students next week)

Yearbooks are available for purchase on the Norris Website for $22 each.


Effective January 1st, 2016, yearbooks will cost $25 each. Please purchase before the PRICE INCREASE!

Yearbook sales will end on January 31st, 2016.

#3-Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found is getting full. We would LOVE to have your student find their items. Please encourage your student to check the lost and found cart in the Cafeteria BEFORE Thanksgiving Break. All items left in the cart will be donated after we return from Thanksgiving Break. The Cart is located near the stage, in the Cafeteria. Feel free to check it out when you are visiting your student at lunch or before Norris Now on Fridays


We will continue working with Coordinate Planes until Thanksgiving Break. Students need to be able to graph an ordered pair on the first quadrant of the coordinate plane. We only work with the first quadrant (positive numbers) in 5th grade. This week we will think back on what we have learned about tables and patterns, and then take that data and plot it in a coordinate plane.

Vocabulary to help develop understanding of coordinate planes:

  • Origin (0,0)
  • Ordered Pair
  • X-Coordinate
  • Y-Coordinate
  • X-Axis
  • Y-Axis

Homework: Problem Solving Set #66 - Instructional and Guided

(This is in a graded packet of Problem Solving students will receive on Monday. Another copy is also posted on the website)


This week in writing we will finish on working on our procedural writing. The students will be publishing their procedural essays.

Homework: Study Spelling Words


This week we will identify and use transition words correctly when writing.


1. advise

2. choose

3. increase

4. difference*

5. absence*

6. independence*

7. reside

8. resident

9. compose

10. composition

11. pose

12. position

Challenge List

1. confidence*

2. presence*

3. interference*

4. interdependence*

5. violence*


This week we continue working on our first Earth and Space unit. The students will be learning how sedimentary rocks form. The goal of the week is for the students to be able describe the process of how sedimentary rocks are formed.

HOMEWORK: Unit 3 Vocabulary words and STEMscopes activity Week 2


This week in Reading we identify Main Idea and Supporting Details. We will also discuss how text structure can help us summarize important information. We will also analyze procedural text and create our own "how to" digital book.

HOMEWORK: Read at least 20 minutes per night. Keep track in your agenda. A response will be posted on Tuesday. Please respond in your spiral. Remember to track your reading minutes for Book It! Book It coupons will be distributed in class on December 1st. All minutes must be documented by December 1st!

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will analyze the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Key Words

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch


Legislative Branch



Coffee Talks

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon, along with a member of the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees, will be hosting coffee talks throughout the school year at each of the FISD high schools.

The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17, from 8-9 a.m. in the Heritage HS library. Any parent is invited, however, as each one is held, we will draw more attention to it among the families who live within the zone of that particular high school. There is no agenda or topic, just a time for informal conversation with District leaders. Coffee will be provided.


  • Please let your child's teacher know if they will be going home with another student or going home another way (ex. carpool - walker)
  • We do have pencils on hand for students when they don't have one, but they are dwindling away quickly! Please help remind your student to be prepared with supplies when they come to class.
  • Pine Cove forms and money is due THIS FRIDAY!!

Wish List

  • Paper towels
  • Lysol/Clorox Wipes
  • Pencils
Overdue Books