My Community

this is about my community and what I love about it.

My family

at my house I have (Me) and my mom Kristina my little brother Angelo and my Brothers cat Cookie or as in he calls her "Meow" . than there's my dog Rocko. than at my dads house there my Dad....

I have my grandma Noble and my aunt Jessie than upstairs is my grandma Brunns and my aunt and my grandpa Brunns and my 3 cousins . Hailey,Hunter,Angelica (oh and Hidey that's the dog) .

than at my grandpas house there's my Grandpa and my uncle .

than at my dads twin brothers house (my uncle) there's my uncle John and my soon to be aunt Nioami . and there's a "BIG" dog Moose he's a runt riler mixed with a German Shepard .

then in Michigan I have my grandma Noble . and some cousins,aunts,uncles.

than in kansas there's my Cousin Katlin and my other cousin (I forgot his name) and my 2 aunts . than there's my 2 other cousins ...Adalee,Ethan . - I love them all.-

Holidays with my family.

I celebrate




Valentine's Day

Saint Patrick's day.


we go out to eat on St.patricks day

and I open a lot of presents since I have a lot of different families for Christmas I go to my grandpas house on Christmas Eve and eat stuff and open presents.

and on easter I got to my grandmas and we celebrate and I open Easter baskets. and on Halloween I eat candy and go trick or treating.

Just Some Holidays


with the answers

What do you in your community?. I play outside and if I see garbage I pick it up (if I doesn't look gross) my mom calls me her little helper I help her barbaque and cook inside.

what makes your community awesome and important to you?. I mainly like it bea amuse well I learned to get to now the people that live around me and I think it's a really nice place to play around not a bad nebiorhood at all And I learned to love it.

this community is important to me. because I live In it and it is beautiful and honestly I just learned to love my community and it is important to me I wouldn't know where I would live with out it and my brother and I would be bored.

other would want to live in my community. because it's beautiful and I have nice neighbors and I have a lot of trees around my community like apple trees and really pretty cherry blossoms pink,white and a park and lilacs trees.

my community is different from another community because.

around my dads house it's pretty in the summer but not in the winter and not so much in the spring and there's a lot of bad people around my dads house, so i like my regular community because it's just better in a way.