20% Project

Endeavors through Our Meditation Process

Impact on Others

Meditation is said to increase your general well-being, overall friendliness, and uplift your mood. Through our meditation process and 20% project I can confidently say that we have become friendlier people. This has impacted others because since we are friendlier people, we have had the opportunity to pass our friendliness on to others and help to increase other's well-being as well.

Impact on Us

Meditating has helped my partner and I with many aspects of our lives. Our sleeping schedules have been improved and we've both noticed that we seem to get better night sleeps as well. We've also noticed that our attention spans have improved significantly; before regularly meditating we struggled to focus in class and listen to long stories but while we were in the midst of our meditating process it was easy to distinguish how well we were able to focus. One last thing that we've both noticed is that we've become more stress-free and even during times when we've been stressed, we've been able to handle our stress better than before. The ability to focus on our breathing has enabled us to calm ourselves down and make our stress go away much easier than we were able to before.