Happy Columbus Day Weekend!

From Ms. Bevivino's Fifth Grade Class

Another October Week in 5th!

Thank you to all the students (and parent helpers!) who made my birthday so special on Wednesday. This group of kids sure knows how to make someone smile.

This week, the students completed their first Book Analysis. This is a great way to respond to reading in an organized way, and it's a place for students to show what they know about their book. As children are working on their November reading, they should be sure to keep an eye out for the parts of the Book Analysis as they happen in the text rather than waiting until the book is complete before answering the questions. They should always be thinking about important themes in a book, and they should look for characters or events they can compare and contrast.

Congratulations to last week's Queen Bee, Colleen & this week's, Hazel!

Weekend Chit Chat

This weekend, be sure to ask your child:

  • What is the Global Read Aloud project?
  • What book are you reading in Book Club?
  • How do we add and subtract decimals?
  • How can we multiply decimals using place value charts or area models?

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