By: Kolt Winslow

What does it do?

Water does many things. A few of the things water does for the animal is that it supports bodily functions and it regulates body temperature. It also hydrates the animal and helps with growth and development. Water is the most essential nutrient.

What is it made of?

Water is made of two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. An animal's body is made up of 55%-65% of water.


Animals gain water from the food they eat, from oxidation of fats and proteins in the body, and from the action of drinking water from a river, lake, rain, well or drink bowl.


The animal will become dehydrated, and bodily functions will stop. After a certain amount of time without water death may occur. Some animals can go longer without water. Camels can go up to 40 days without water, but amphibians can only go a few days without water. Water is the most essential nutrient.