Pedro Cabral

Renaissance Person


  • He found, and was the first European to see Brazil on April,22 1500.
  • He established trading route to India.
  • He was named chief captain of a fleet boat headed to India.


  • He was the son of Fernao Alvares Cabral and Isabel Gouveia.
  • He was one of five boys and had six sisters.
  • He was thought to be born in Belmonte in the Beira Beixa province of Portugal
  • He was a descendant of King Alfonso.
  • Not a lot was said about his background life and child hood

Impact on Today

  • Brazil is a country we know and live on today.
  • Today people argue about if reaching Brazil was intentional or not.
  • There were trade routes to India used in the Renaissance.

Interesting Facts

  • Out of the 15 ships that were used only 4 returned.
  • After they found Brazil they stayed only 10 days before going to India.
  • At first Cabral's crew thought that Brazil was an Island.

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