By: Madison North, Justice Ashmore, Alex Orozco,& Chloe Mayo

Chrysanthemum the Elephraffe

Chrysanthemum loves hanging out with her friends and family. On her free time, she is on Netflix or eating cookies. That's why one of her weaknesses is running.


Head~ 32x12=384in

Ears~ radius= 3.5in (776in)

Neck~ 44x7=308in

Body~ 77x12=924in

Legs~ radius=1in 950in)

Trunk~ radius=1in (69in)

Total Surface Area= 2511in

Genetic Makeup

Chrysanthemum is a cross breed between a giraffe and an elephant. At full growth she will estimate to be about 7.56m in height. She will also estimate to be about 2 tons.


Chrysanthemum lives in the savanna in Africa. She eats cookies and milkshakes grown from the cookie trees.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Eating, sleeping, watching netflix, getting food, and reach tall objects.
Mice, running, cookies, and milkshakes.

The Cookites

Chrysanthemum is the leader of the Cookites. She is brave, honest, and democratic.