The Note

Directed By: Maddy Larrabee

Brief Description

One day, a girl hears a knock on her front door. She opens the door expecting a visitor, but no one is at the door. The girl is about to go inside, when she sees a piece of paper laying on the doorstep. She picks up the note and reads it, then drops it to the ground and runs inside. Soon, she starts receiving more and more notes, which causes her to make a life changing decision.
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A Night at the Oscars

Monday, June 1st, 7pm

901 Orange Avenue

Cranford, NJ

Come view the premier of The Note , and many other films at this year's Pathways to Excellence showcase.


My inspiration for this movie came from several things in my life. The first is a TV show I used to watch called Pretty Little Liars. In the show, there is an unknown enemy who sends threatening messages and does dangerous things to four girls. My movie is very similar to that, but it is more realistic because I wanted to show that events like these can occur in real life. I wanted to use symbolism and metaphors in my movie to prove how quickly life can change. I chose to make my movie silent and black and white because it makes the movie eerie and adds more drama and suspicion to make the movie more interesting and enjoyable to the viewer. Overall, my movie was inspired by real life things that could have happened, but no one told about.

About the Director

The director of this film, Maddy Larrabee, is an eighth grade student at Orange Avenue School. She has been in the Pathways to Excellence program since third grade. Filming this movie really means a lot to her because this is her final showcase. Although she has no prior experience in the filming or directing business, she loves movies and plays, and was very excited to create one of her own. The process to create this movie was very long and intricate, but after following the steps the movie was successful.