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February 22 - 26, 2021


February 23 - Happy Birthday, AZUL!!!

February 25 - Librarian visits us

THIS WEEK: ZOOM Family Meetings/Conferences

Our Family Meeting/Conference schedule:

Monday, Feb. 22 @ 1:00pm - Angel's family

Monday, Feb. 22 @ 1:30pm - Braylenn's family

Monday, Feb. 22 @ 2:00pm - Denver's family

Tuesday, Feb. 23 @ 1:00pm -

Tuesday, Feb. 23 @ 1:30pm - Maya's family

Wednesday, Feb. 24 @ 1:00pm - Christina's family

Wednesday, Feb. 24 @ 1:30pm - Azul's family

Thursday, Feb. 25 @ 1:00pm - Jaxon's family

Thursday, Feb. 25 @ 1:30 pm - Avri's family

Friday, Feb. 26 @ 1:00pm - Sebastian's family

Friday, Feb. 26 @ 1:30pm - Ahilam's family

  • We will be going over your child's Winter Assessment, discuss classroom behaviors, and talk about any concerns you or I may have.
  • I will send you a Zoom invite link on your ClassDojo messages.
  • I will be sending home a Conference form for you to sign and return documenting that we had our Family Meeting. I must keep these in your child's Pre-K file. Thx everyone!

Review of the Roads Study: What have we learned?

This week we will review about what we've learned over these past 6 weeks about roads.

Studying roads offered our students the opportunity to practice many social-emotional skills. For example, your children practiced taking turns, cooperating, sharing ideas, and planning together to make roads and signs, and built and tested bridges.

We've learned how roads are planned, built, and repaired and how much we depend on roads to connect us to services, goods, and loved ones.

*** We will look at the children's interest for our next study. Some students have begun drawing pictures of spiders and spiderwebs.

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Please make sure to:

  • Check Class Dojo everyday for messages.
  • Sign your children's Read To Me log and Daily Reflection Form every night
  • Return the Red Book Bags every Thursday morning.

Donna LaPlante

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Quiet Hours: 4:00 PM - 7:30 AM and on Weekends