First home at the Commune!

the Commune

A fabulous first home at the Commune!

We were sick and tired of staying in a rented place, and focussed all our energies on getting out of here and into our very own, new home. After years of anticipation, this day was finally upon us! Yes, it was time to get our very own place, and we were over the moon at the prospect.

That said, our initial enthusiasm was almost immediately eroded when faced with the sheer number of flats for sale in Chandapura. To our good fortune, my wife’s uncle, someone who we looked up to and respected, told us to take a look at the Commune. He said that these apartments near Electronic City were one of the finest in the city, and offered us the bang for our buck. This is how our love affair with the Commune began!

You’d fall in love too, once you learn of the amazing living spaces, the well-designed elevations, the Vastu compliant and well-ventilated interiors and so much more. That aside, these flats in Chandapura were surrounded by the most tranquil surrounds that boasted of lush green landscaped features, as well as beds of beautiful aromatic and medicinal plants.

It was the amenities on offer, however, that had my husband’s heart aflutter! Being a noted sportsperson right through school and college, he was glad that he would be re-acquainted with this life as the property provided badminton and tennis courts, a basketball hoop, and cricket nets too. I, on the other hand, fell hook, line and sinker for the superb avenues for rest and repose that the development provided. I simply couldn’t resist the aromatic gardens, the reflexology pathway, the gathering lawn and the elegantly crafted seating areas around the property. Some of the other facilities that assured us of the complete life included, an amphitheatre, a rock climbing wall, a swimming pool, and a shopping centre.

The writing was on quite clearly on the wall- the Commune definitely offered us a life we truly had our hearts set upon, and would be exactly what our family needed for a wholesome living experience. Soon enough, we got down to brass tacks and booked a 3 BHK at these affordable luxury flats in Bangalore. It was a landmark day, and one we wouldn’t forget in a hurry! Now, you could enjoy a full and complete life at the Commune as well, simply log on to for more detail about this splendid property.