BYOD- James W. Hill

"Bring Your Own Device"

Leaders in 21st century teaching and learning

James W. Hill Public School is continuing to build 21st century classroom environments by fostering the skills needed to learn for today and the future. We aim to broaden students’ access to technology by inviting and encouraging students to “Bring Your Own Device.” This means students are welcome to bring in their personal technology (e.g., laptops, netbooks, smartphones, iPads, iPods, eReaders, etc.) to use during class time for instructional purposes.

Halton Acceptable Use Procedure for Information and Communication Technology

Classes will co-develop success criteria and norms to facilitate the effective, safe and respectful use of technology. The is available at

or, scan this code

Equity of access a key priority

We know that not all parents can or want to send their child/ teen to school with a device. That’s why teachers continue to plan assuming that not every student will bring a personally owned device to school. Technology will not be used every day for every lesson. There is a right time and place.

Devices and other technology are available for students to use at school, and all students will have greater access to technology in their classrooms. Even four or five devices in a classroom can make a difference. Used collaboratively, technology can transform learning.