Engineering in the Classroom

How do I incorporate engineering into my class?

"Engineers are great problem solvers and critical thinkers with a passion for designing and building." -Phil Barutha

Did you know?!

*The USA is in need of more engineers; our demand is growing faster than the numbers we are graduating.

*There are many, many different types of engineering: Mechanical, Civil, Construction, Computer, Chemical, Materials, Agriculture, Aerospace, Electrical, & Industrial to name a few.

*Engineering practices are fun!! There are easy, practical ways to engage your students, while teaching them how to think like an engineer.

-Assembling Teams

-Turn class/school problems into engineering challenges

-Teach/encourage your students to take risks and "fail fast"!

Are you using STEM/engineering practices in your classroom? Do you want to include STEM/engineering practices in your classroom?

Contact me today and let me know how I can support you. The following are ideas of ways I can help you further your journey with engineering practices.

*Engineering Habits

*Engineering Design Process


*Integrate into other subjects

*Outreach possibilities/speakers/field trips/etc.

*Resources (making lab notebooks, websites, materials, activities)